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Closed Source Knowledge

A university or school that requires heaps of money (a restrictive method) before you get to see the source of the knowledge (the course or lecture) typically uses open source software in excess.

Hypocrisy: Universities use free compilers and free software in extreme quantities. The highly paid professors benefit greatly from closing the source to the knowledge, the course or lecture! They charge you for closed source, pay for knowledge. But boy do they use open source and free software to profit for their closed, "pay for knowledge" institutions.

Students laugh and just play along "haha, what do you mean.. software can be free, but this teaching they are doing is a service! That's completely different!". Ahh then, what if the software teaches me something? I should close the source to the software since it is teaching, and therefore it is okay to close it?

Students are indeed brainwashed. It is not a violation of the so called " free software protected" licenses to charge for knowledge (documentation, courses). No, this is quite normal. Even though, the software code is knowledge! Yes, hypocrisy indeed. It's as if it's okay to close up the source to knowledge, but it's not okay to the close the "source" to software. Even though source is part of the fucking knowledge itself.

And what is the difference between knowledge and software? Nothing. That's where they (you) are flawed.

For the buffoons who try and argue "but software can be replicated, it's different"... I have to ask you a question: ever here of something called digital cameras and microphones, where your lecture can be recorded and replicated at virtually no cost, i.e. MIT Open Courseware videos.

Short poem..
  Close the Source to Knowledge, 
  but please, 
  let software be free, 
  that's how I make a living, 
  don't you see? 

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