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Insight Activism

The absurd idea that intelligent solutions are a more important focus than equality or capital. Our current political systems are based on equality (communism) or capital (money). Stupid? How can a bit of paper money that can be printed on a machine virtually with no effort, possibly be the basis of a society? How can equality be the basis of society knowing that people are most definitely not equal and never will be.

Insight and Intelligence as a Way of Life

A focus on the actual intelligent and insightful solution to a problem instead of a focus on maximum capital gains or maximum equality.

If slutting out twenty good looking blonde girls and twenty good looking blonde males returns the most capital, should we do it? In a capitalist society, the answer is yes - because it returns capital.

If one man is born lazy and another man is born a hard worker, should these men receive equal shares?

A focus on "capital" or "equality" doesn't produce the most intelligent results. Capitalism, communism, racism, socialism, liberalism, etc. Why not instead just focus on plain old "intelligence" and "insight"?

We have enough insight to figure out that penning up some pigs in cages who shit on each other is not intelligent. But in a capitalist society, if penning up some pigs who shit on each other makes more capital, it is an accepted business practice. It's called factory farming. If the "shareholders" wish to be rewarded, they care about capital, and rarely think past capital. A capitalist will argue that investors still have ethics. Well, ethics didn't stop anyone - there are still sweat shops - there is still cheap labor, slutting, penning up pigs, etc. Where were the ethics, then? You said they had them! so where were they? The capital is more important - no matter what capitalist tells you (capitalism, is a focus on capital, the word itself defines how stupid it is). Do you think ethics stop the capitalist? You really think that ethics get in the way at some point? Only if it's called CapitalEthicism or Capitalinsightism, or insightism, or insight activism - but it isn't - it's called Capitalism.

We have insight that a hardworking mechanical genius is not equal to a lazy couch potato. Yet often couch potatoes are very wealthy and well off.

If one race, community, or breed is better at running or lifting, should they be equaled out so that they are not specialized and not good? I.e. they become mundane and mediocre equal drones? No. People are not equal.

If penning up chickens and pigs so that they are shitting on each other and drinking each other's piss to survive returns a lot of capital, should this business be rewarded? No. Capital should not be the main focus.

One might think that his current system or society he lives in is quite intelligent. An insight activist differs, and sees far too common acts of only Partial Intelligence. For examples see Problems With Society.

Insight Activists believe that current political systems, such as communist, capitalist, fascist, and socialist ones are missing a basic concept. This concept is more complete intelligence and insight. The most intelligent and insightful solution to a problem is the one an Insight Activist would aim for, rather than a heavy focus on capital, nation, or equality. Equality and capital do not get to the bottom line, in many cases. Intelligence, on the other hand, usually does.

An Insight Activist does not place itself on the political "left wing right wing" style scale. We believe that a simple straight line which tries to outline left wing and right wing politics is far too oversimplified.

Insight Activism may seem almost ridiculous and possibly idealistic for some, but it's true that in today's society people are not always practicing the intelligent solutions to problems. That leads to anti-socialism, selfism, and only temporary short term success.

Insight activists see some basic problems in political systems:

  • Example Problem 1:
    A capitalist says: "Our purpose is to feed our stock holders and make the most profit, even if we feel there is a better product out there. If the product doesn't make money, it can't be part of our company.. no matter how intelligent that product is."

  • Example Problem 2:
    A communist says: "Our purpose is to be equal. Everyone gets the exact share, even if one person is not born the same as another. Everyone should be equal."

  • Example Problem 3:
    China is a major part of American society. A significant portion of our products are from china. If a significant portion of our products are from a communist country, and we are living in a capitalist society, what does this mean? That communism equals capitalism? That communism and capitalism are scams?

  • Example Problem 4:
    Communist countries export to capitalist countries. A major portion of the money which feeds a communist country comes from a capitalist country. Does this mean communism is funded by capitalism, and communist societies only exist today because capitalism feeds them? One can't exist without the other?

The term Insight Activism was coined in order to try to describe a certain method or idea to follow. It may turn into a "political" group in the future (i.e. political, in some people's view, considering that the word "politics" has such a vague meaning).
Insight Activism may seem blurry at the beginning to you, but as we work on real world examples, and show you how and why, hopefully you will see where we are getting at. For those that see the ideas and points behind insight activism, we congratulate you and hope you will participate in and demonstrate the philosophy and ideas behind it.
Insight activism is just a term coined around an idea, and does not force upon you any obligations! It's an attitude, or idea that knowledge is power and intelligence over stupidity.
An example of focusing on an intelligent solution instead of focusing on money or equality, would be downloading MIT or BSD licensed software. All we care about when downloading, is that we will have intelligent well designed software that runs on our computers after we download it. The bsd/mit software is knowledge available to us at our fingertips. We don't much care about the money ponzi scheme tied to the software or the perfect equality of software compared with other software... Downloading MIT or BSD software is about downloading knowledge. Source code is knowledge and intelligence. You don't have to jump through hoops to download bsd/mit or public domain software.. you just download it and there it is: knowledge at your fingertips.

Another example of focusing on intelligence and knowledge instead of focusing on ponzi schemes, capital, or equality, is a public library. A public library is full of useful books and information. If Google Books made all books available to us... without any ponzi schemes attached to those books... (no annoying text ads or pop ups) would the world be a better place or a worse place?

Knowledge at your fingertips is almost like google search engine... but google has a ponzi scheme attached to it.. obnoxious little text ads spamming your brain with propaganda to try and sell you something.

What if we lived in a society where google had no electrical bill to pay, because energy was available safely virtually free using some safer nuclear technology. Could google remove some of the ponzi scheme text ads from their site to make it full of more information and less full of sales propaganda if hardware and software were more free than they are now?

Ultimately as costs go down and new energy sources are discovered, ponzi schemes should be reduced to a minimum and societies should function intelligently with more insight. Imagine a 3D hardware printer, which made hardware virtually free since you could build and copy hardware just like you can software. I.e. imagine there was a BSD/MIT licensed hardware system that literally allowed you to print hard goods in your home without any ponzi schemes attached to it. What would happen to hardware companies that make their living selling hardware?

If Tesla's free electricity through air system ended up working and he didn't have the horrible fire, how would society look today? Would it be capitalist, communist, or neither? would it be insightful and intelligent?

Even if you got rid of most ponzi schemes and were able to make hardware without restriction (for free) and food was so plentiful that it was virtually free... and software was virtually free... and even if you had to keep a few ponzi schemes around for society to continue... the question is would less ponzi schemes be better than more? i.e. consider if we had 3D hardware printers that made hardware as free as BSD software is.. And we had robots grow our food for us that made it virtually free to eat... Would all this freedom create a better society than one full of ponzi schemes that made it more difficult for you to obtain hardware and software?

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Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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