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Welcome to PasWiki. thank you

PasWiki started out a dark wiki (both in color and thought) back in 2004. It's a place to write scatterbrain thoughts on miscellaneous scrap. I was using fpc and delphi at the time - so I called it PasWiki (coded in FPC).

One of lesser known reasons I created this wiki was because C2.com was full of obnoxious "patterns" and snobby losers, some I found to be overly supportive of object oriented hype, unit testing, gobblydegock, extreme programming, buzzword babbling, pages written by crackpots, double speak rambling, and generally overly sensitive twits. I say that tongue in cheek - I've found plenty of interesting people on that wiki and still read some pages there once every 51 years.

Where Is This Wiki?

All over. Most popular topics on PasWiki can be found, and are currently being scatteringly indexed here: PasWiki Directory.

Future And Source Code:

PasWiki features are still being added.

It will be released under the BSD/MIT style license or similar. The parser source code for the new wiki syntax is available. That's just the parser, along with some utilities. More wiki source code nd detailed instructions will be released later. The syntax of the wiki looks like this.

Oh, did I mention I think Richard Stallman "free software" and GNU is a Load Of Crock?.

Facts of PasWiki Code:

  • No PHP. No Perl. No ASP. No Offense. Powered by FPC.
  • First version does not use a database. It should (...could, would have)
  • Currently really easy to back up. Just a single large folder of files.


I prefer correct code - which ends up being fast enough anyway. PasWiki engine was however tested on a AMD 100Mhz 486 with 32MB ram for kicks and giggles. It had excellent response.

This wiki is hosted on a standard web host account with much more CPU power. The point is that if the wiki works on a 486, it works on near anything.

A little more about speed? I have developed quite a healthy dislike for the Cheetah, an animal who is demented, quite fast, incorrect, violent, and mentally challenged.

PasWiki Directory

To help find topics, here is a PasWiki Directory.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

This wiki contains info on life, health, humans, nature, programming, database, fads, paradigms, poems, principles, theories.

Articles may contain statements which some may find helpful and encouraging, or even discouraging.

Beware, I believe in the Grand Justice system.
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