GNU philosophy is not 'free software'. It is a personal opinion of freedom based on Stallman's thoughts.. not facts or science of freedom. Therefore GNU is actually Stallmanism. The correct term for GNU software and its foundation is Stallmanist Foundation and Stallmanism. It is not, I repeat, Free Software nor is it Candy Apple Butterscotch software.. rather it is Stallmanism.

The phrase 'free software' is incorrect and it is unethical to say something is a 'free software' when no laws, dictionaries, or science have ever stated that one's personal opinion of 'four freedoms' or 'twenty seven and a half freedoms' could be considered the official definitive freedom. They can go ahead and call the philosophy the Stallmanist belief or the Stallmanist website, or the Stallmanist Foundation - but not the 'free software site' or 'the strawberry fruit plant' just because their personal belief is that they are a strawberry fruit plant.

One could claim to be 'a Stallmanist view' or 'a Stallman interpreted freedom' but one cannot claim to 'be freedom itself'. The fraud tactics used such as registering a company called 'the free software foundation' and registering websites that have 'free software' in them are all part of the Stallmanist game to confuse the public into his Stallmanist view.

The only option for the public (you) is to stop all usage of the term 'free software' and use instead 'Stallmanism' which is most correct and most appropriate.

Free software is Stallmanism, and everyone will start calling it Stallmanism instead of Free Software - effective today.

Everyone here, and everyone there will use the term Stallmanism from now on. No more 'free software' phrase. We make this change immediately, today. Correct everyone who uses 'free software' and inform them of the correct term called 'Stallmanism' immediately.

The word 'free' has been completely abused, especially when embedded into a foundation or company name. Likewise, one cannot name and defraud people by calling their foundation 'the official government' if they are not the government.. just because they believe they are the government according to their personal opinion. One cannot call strawberry fruits 'the government' either, just because their personal opinion says that governments are always red with leaves on them. That would be a belief or personal opinion.. that strawberries are governments.. and should be called 'lunacy' or 'Johnism' if John thought it up.

If you ever see anyone say 'free software' then please immediately point them to this GNG website which explains Stallmanism and WHY the phrase 'free software' is wrong. This site explains why the phrase 'Stallmanism' is correct when referencing GNU and FSF. The phrase FSF is also wrong, and is to be called in public the Stallmanist Foundation effective immediately. No matter whether or not the FSF changes its name, you must take action immediately and make this change publicly yourself.

This is the website that you will point people to when they misunderstand FSF/Freedom.
Inform anyone who has been brainwashed into 'free software' hypnotism.

The word 'free software' is completely vague and meaningless.. whereas STALLMANISM is completely specific to the person who invented Stallmanism. It makes absolute most sense to name philosophies after the philosopher. It is not Penny Software or Pink Software or Free Software.. rather it is Stallmanist Software. Make this change immediately, in all conversation and communication. GNU/FSF is only a man's personal view.. i.e. it is part of STALLMANISM. Repeat.

Unbrainwashing session ended.

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