GNU philosophy is not 'free software' since the word 'free' cannot be redefined just as a fox cannot be redefined as a leopard, chicken, cat, etc. Foxes may be animals just like chickens but that does not make a fox a chicken just because so and so said so. If I guarantee four pine cones in a fox's arse equal a chicken, according to my website.. as long as the pine cones are of so and so description, then that does not mean the four pine cones in the fox's arse equal a chicken. Just because it said so on Fox News or a free news website does not make four pine cones a chicken either, whether or not they are in the arse or not. No.

The phrase 'free software' is incorrect and it is unethical to say something is a 'pine cone in a fox's arse' when in fact it is a chicken with a broken wing that happened to look like a deer which kind of looked like a fox.. sort of. Free software is Stallmanism, and everyone shall start calling it Stallmanism instead of Free Software.

Everyone here, and everyone there.. will use the term Stallmanism from now on. No more 'free software' phrase. We make this change immediately, today.

The word 'free' has been completely damaged. If you ever see anyone say 'free software' then please immediately point them to the GNG website which will explain Stallmanism and WHY the phrase 'free software' is wrong.. and why the phrase 'Stallmanism' is correct.

The word 'free' is completely vague and meaningless.. whereas STALLMANISM is completely specific to the person who invented Stallmanism. It just makes sense to name philosophies after the philosopher. I don't call my philosophy the 'fox philosophy' just because I have redefined the word 'fox' to mean 'this law and that law on friday evening at Burger King is FOX because I said it was FOX.. not CAT or FREE or DOG but the FOX philosophy'. Stallman's philosophies, are Stallman style thinking.. and hence they are Stallmanism... not free software, not Joe Smoker software, and not Plum software, and not Bum Paddle software. It is Stallmanism.

Unbrainwashing session ended.

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