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Note: This Wiki is
outdated, personal views
may have changed.
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Some search engines do not like dynamic web pages. 
Even google still sometimes omits dynamic pages.
URL's with ? & = 
(question marks, ambersands, equal signs)
may never get indexed or take months to get
indexed by google.

Using Mod_Rewrite on Apache, you can change this.
Mod_Rewrite has a regular expression style syntax 
of it's own.

Examples of how to get the paswiki to be completely
search engine friendly will be listed here.

Another search engine friendly tip is to sometimes
use spaces in links. Sometimes search engines like
to check the link's title and compare it with the
content on the page. If you ram words together,
it may not figure out that the page contains 
CoolInformation. But if you put a space in the 
link title, it may figure out that the link it is
following contains Cool Information.

But the above situation isn't as important as the 
content in the actual page though.  For example on
the C2 website the RamTogether style text still 
leads to a page with a title that has spaces in it
on that actual page (at the top). But it can help 
to have the link titles with spaces also.

PasWiki has chosen to allow spaces in the links
so that hopefully search engines may find it a bit
more easy to index and relate content in their 

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

This wiki contains info on life, health, humans, nature, programming, database, fads, paradigms, poems, principles, theories.

Articles may contain statements which some may find helpful and encouraging, or even discouraging.

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