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Richard Has Gone Mad

Is Richard Stallman Friendly?

It seems instead of encouraging ATI to open up its video card drivers, Richard is being unfriendly and trying to start a war, by using rude propaganda signs.

Who is friendly? Someone who uses words like 'enemy' on signs?

It seems instead of recommending OpenBSD, Richard is putting flamebaits and false ironic personal judgments onto mailing lists. Especially he provokes people with his murky 'I don't recommend OpenBSD because...' it isn't open enough for him.

Because of Stallman's nonsense, I decided to start the GNG Foundation. I also posted several warnings to the OpenBSD mailing lists that the GNU and free software foundation is acting like a dangerous religious Sect/Cult and the research I did shows that many activities being encouraged by GNU are just like what dangerous cults encourage.

Stallman is blind and can only see one fictional freedom that he made up himself. His nonsensical bitching about "free as in beer" led me to create the phrases "free as in yeast infection" and "free as in sex". Technically free beer would be a yeast infection and technically even a yeast infection would be restricted, as would sex.

Furthermore, maybe ATI is friendly.. and Stallman could work something out with ATI if he didn't attack them with extreme signs that imply war?

I think the sign is funny.. and I'm really just using it as a demonstration to show his extreme view on software. He claimed openbsd developers were unfriendly.. and here he is with his big fat sign with the word ENEMY on it.

Furthermore, maybe OpenBSD developers are friendly to reasonable sensible people, and Stallman could work something out with OpenBSD so that we could share code and recommend each other's operating systems? Or not. He recently in December 2007 was involved in a large flaimbait/flamewar and tried to push the "unfriendly" nonsense and "BSD is unethical" nonsense.

I also have to add, that Richard Stallman is the 'tard who played a part in creating some of the crumbiest software ever.. GNU make. GNU make files are the ugliest gnu dung I've ever seen in my life.

(What I did about this particular issue? Implemented my own build system. )

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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