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Rants About BSD Ease Of Use For Newbies

These are disgusting and cruel newbie rants. Some are intended to be outright funny, and the experience BSD user will laugh out loud.

Some things newbies get used to later. Some things aren't that big of a deal. It is from the perspective of a complete newbie to a BSD operating system.. what he feels like, what he goes through. The first initial impressions of an operating system have a big effect. Not saying that this damages all users.. but 99 percent of the world is coming from linux/windows... and 99 percent of linux/windows users may feel these problems out below their first time.

  FreeBSD is a Piece Of Crap
  Retards Can Install MC Themselves
  BSD Too Good For Ifup And Ifdown
  The Default BSD Editor Is Awesome
  Just use LS For Everything
  Stupid BSD locate updatedb Commands
  Useless CSH Created By Idiotic C Programmer

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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