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Today lead head Jarchitects Jay and Jorry installed a Jakarta J2S Java Platform which is criss-cross-platform independant. The Jarkitechture allows two JDK systems to Jetwork through Java Sparc systems with Jakarta on Apache Tomcat and J-Beans and JSP plus a Java Servlet and a J-applet.

The Jetwork Framework and the Java Virtual Machine, plus the Java Fake, and Java Artificial machines allow the Jark System servers management J-Beans staff to eat Jelly-Beans flavored in Java. Sun one Sparc on J2EE runs JQL jatabases, which you can export to JTables through JDK, on the JVM. Janine was proud of the Javarvie that just occured.

The Sparc Server 6 performs special services and solutions based on a Solaris Systems Smart Management. The Sun Solaris solution is savvy for web services including Swing and security. Sharkitechture, I'm Sorry?
Cory runs a Cobalt Craq operation using quite a creative Raq4 platform.
Definition of a Java Architect:

Jarkitect? (the lead head CEO systems project manager of the process control j-system virtual JVM (and other buzzwords)).


Guys, its J-eclipse already, sheesh.

To Sun:

Please stop the insanity. Please stop using buzzwords. Please stop confusing people. No one appreciates. No one cares. What a Jerk.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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