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IBM And Linux Is A Scam

Migrate to Linux, the free operating system endorsed by non-free companies.

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"For years, IBM has secured more patents annually than any other computing company."
Quote from FFII.org :

"IBM's patent department is actively lobbying Europe to legalise software patents. They have invested millions in fighting example cases to leading European lawcourts such as the EPO's Technical Boards of Appeal and the German Federal Court in order to soften and eventually remove European restrictions on patenting software. They have also threatened European politicians that IBM might close down local facilities if software patents are not legalised in Europe.

IBM has also prevented the US government from conducting studies on the value of software patents for the national economy. In the wake of the Opensource hype, IBM's rhetoric has become relatively moderate, but nonetheless it is supported by real pressure. IBM has acquired approximately 1000 European software patents whose legal status is currently unclear. Given the great number of software patents in IBM's hands, IBM is one of the few software companies who may have a genuine interest in software patentability.

Once software patents become assertable in Europe, an IBM tax of several billion EUR per year may be levied on European software companies."

Shouldn't linux screen companies first?

...before having them endorse the Linux name? i.e. check into the company and do some research before having your "free penguin" promoted by an "anti-freedom"?

No, there's no screen up here - there's not even glass or a door up. Heck, there's not even a wall up here. We're letting giant flies and large animals right in to the house, and letting them shit all over us (Imagery: IBM is a big animal/fly shitting all over you, the linux user, because you forgot to close the screen door).

Duh - me a linux user, me love IBM, me hate microsoft, me love oranges, me hate tangerines, me love macaroni, me hate spaghetti. Me live a clash and rant about patents all day, while one of my largest financial supporters is the father of patents.

Linus Torvalds wants to be famous, and linux (and GNU) folks want to be recognized.. so even if IBM (the anti-free company) wants to endorse Linux (freetardism), Mr Linus and all the Linux hypocrites will immediately accept IBM into their cult. Even though IBM is the exact opposite of what the freedom cult stands for. Yes, one word: hypocrites.

If this is not a clash, you tell me what is. All the Linux folk must just love IBM for their financial support. It's not about free speech, it's about the financial support. It's not about ethics, it's about financial support.

Don't use Linux because you believe in freedom. It's a lie. Use it because it's what everyone else uses for the server these days.

scam --> <-- scam
Migrate to Linux, the free operating system endorsed by non-free companies.
"IBM hopes to make Linux what OS/2 failed to become--a unifying architecture for desktop to mainframe, clear of Microsoft dependence or competition. What anyone finds liberating about this eludes me." --Bob Dawson, Delphi Newsgroups
In summary, IBM uses linux programmers and hackers as SLAVES (volunteer slaves) so that IBM can continue on with their regular proprietary, patented, non-free endeavours. Why is it that freetard linux users start clapping and jumping up and down in happiness whenever IBM puts a linux logo on their website, or whenever IBM donates money to linux? Because they are pargent.

It's the same as seeing a linux developer being hired at microsoft the next day. They don't have "freedom" ethics of any sort. It's all a little scam about money. Got nothin' to do with freedom.

If you find this article funny in any way, please consider that this is not a joke. This is hypocrisy plain and simple.

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