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Text editor for windows. Very zippy.
Some features:
 -column selection 
 -file manager pane. 
 -syntax highlighting
 -custom syntax highlighting
 -simple auto completion 
  (nothing like Delphi's or Lazarus'drop down insight though)
 -basic sorting routines 
 -tabs to spaces
 -spaces to tabs
 -formatting functions
 -search all open files
 -search files in directory
 -cliptext/clip text
 -customize cliptext
 -html tools and buttons 
 -FTP integrated into the editor 
  (although it does lock you out from editing
   while you are uploading.)
 -custom tool bars 
  (with command line paramaters, etc.)

I liked EditPlus a lot compared to other editors. But it doesn't have a good plug in system (just custom tools). It also doesn't have multiple selections, and the clip text doesn't work as advanced as I'd like. The regular expressions don't work across multiple lines if you want them to (multiline), and there are no regular expression modifiers such as greedy, /m /x /s etc. The regular expressions also do not allow you to go {1,5} you are just stuck with .? or .* But it was the fast and perky editor out there that I tried.

I ran out of advanced editing hacks with editplus - you can't exactly hack editplus since there is no plug in system or API. EditPlus is stable, but the owner rarely updates the code.

Also known as Edit Plus

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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