• October 2017: Please do Fork Powtils on Github to code some items on the list that are needed. Christian Nobel has made some recommendations on what is needed, and I have also made recommendations such as SQLite/MySQL based sessions.

  • A song wiki is something I have been working on in spare time for a while. The idea is to make rock and roll lyrics have meaning, to programmers. Every awesome song produced is converted to meaningful programming related lyrics, instead of useless lovey dovey crap related to affairs and idiotic romance. The goal is to eventually release a song wiki in GoLang code and FPC code. Right now I just have it written in FPC but want to also port to GoLang too. Have a look... for example Nothing Els Matters is all about Open Code. Or how about Waiting On a Programmer, or Man In the Program? Check them out. At some point I'll make it so that you can contribute your converted lyrics to make songs and programming meaningful. I don't want it to just be my website and my wiki, I'd like a collaborative conversion process to make hundreds of songs now meaningful in a programming related way.

  • September 2016: I have been using GoLang quite a bit but still using Delphi and will return to FPC development. GoLang will be one of my main tools, as GoLang stole a lot from delphi/oberon (without proper credit) and even stole some of my own algorithms such as CapString/CapArray and an interesting error system in place of exceptions. Likely there will be a Powtils for GoLang, in addition to freepascal and delphi, as I have already started some CGI apps in golang.

  • Did you know I made a build system that could compile all the examples with a single command? Dissatisfied with the fpc build tool I wrote my own a while back which could take all files in many folders at once and compile them easily... I will write an article on the build system I wrote (way better than GNU Make) some time. Instead of using ugly GNU make files, one writes build scripts in the familiar freepascal language. The issue with the fpc build system was that it could not do multiple recursive directories of many demos easily so the build system I wrote made automating large builds of tens (or hundreds) of examples easy, without ugly obscure GNU make files. When you use fpc to build files, you have access to all the features of FPC, whereas GNU make is an ugly obscure limited script system that requires tricks and hacks to get working the way you want. The tool I wrote is called PowBuild and is in the archive zip.

  • September 2016: Missing demos such as Simple CMS need to be uploaded to Github, they are available on google code in an archive file and on Z505 Server but need to be uploaded to Github so people can find them.

  • August 2016: Some of the files were lost while moving to Github from Google code in the export process.. The google code server contains more files than github, as it appears the export system does not save all the files to github.. So an archive of the files is available here:
    The lost files that are available in that archive, such as more examples, will eventually be uploaded to Github. I am still learning to use Github (a little bit sick and tired of the latest and greatest source management tools.. First there was CVS, then SVN, now Github.. it takes years to master all these tools and not a single one of them is remaining the tool of choice.... I would prefer it if one source management tool was used for 20 years or 10 years instead of constant flipping and changing tools like it goes out of fashion or like a woman buying new shoes every week and throwing out the old one with the bath water, but that is another story.)

  • Infamous History of the Powtils project.

  • What all happened to the Powtils project? A note from a developer in 2016.

  • fast html parser and some other tools converted to Go Lang, success. As soon as a Github account is figured out and familiarized with, code will be uploaded, and Google Code project will be moved over

  • 2015: some utilities are being ported to Go Language (golang) as an experiment to see whether Go is a good tool too

  • 2015: Moving code over to GitHub soon as google code is closing

  • EditPlug Text Editor released for MS Windows (download...)

  • Powtils development has paused during the last year, now we work on making 1.7.2

  • Powtils 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 will now avoid using any FPC features that do not work properly. It would seem obvious to do this. However for many years we did not know which features of the compiler actually worked fully. Some problems noticed are threads in aservia along with initialization and finalization with more complex unit layouts.
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