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Options - Editor

Use this options page to set up editor behavior.

Auto indent

If checked, positions the cursor under the first nonblank character of the preceding nonblank line when you press Enter

Drag-drop editing

If checked, moving and copying blocks of text by dragging with mouse are possible. If Ctrl key is pressed during dragging, text block will be duplicated. Otherwise, it will be moved.

Allow cursor after end of line

If checked, it's possible to position the cursor beyond the end of line.

Enhance HomeKey positioning

If checked, Home key has functionality as in MS Visual Studio. When key is pressed for the first time, cursor is positioned at the first non-blank character. When pressed second time, it jumps to the beginning of the line.

Find text at cursor

Places the text at the cursor into the "Find what" field in the Find/Replace dialog box when you choose Edit/Find.

Smart tabs

If checked, tabs to the first non-blank character in the preceding line.

Line numbers

If checked, line numbers are shown in the gutter line.

Undo after save

If checked, allows you to retrieve changes after a save.

Hide mouse cursor when typing

If checked, mouse pointer will be hidden during typing. Move mouse to show pointer back.

Trim trailing spaces

If checked, all blank characters at the end of lines will be deleted.

Tab width

Set the character columns width that the cursor will move to each time you press Tab. This value is ignored when editing file if Smart tabs option is checked. If open file contains hard tab characters in it, they will be expanded to the value of tab width.

Block indent

Specify the number of spaces to indent a marked block.

Extra line spacing

Specify the number of pixels that will be added between lines of text in editor.

C/Java block indent

Specify the number of spaces to automatically indent/outdent a { } block used in C and Java code.

Insert caret

Specify the shape of cursor when insert mode is active.

Overwrite caret

Specify the shape of cursor when overwrite mode is active.

Tabs save mode

EditPlug doesn't have internally native support for real hard tabs, so tabs will be converted to spaces when opening file and spaces will be converted back to tabs when saving file. Behavior of this situation is controlled by Tabs save mode option. If it's automatic, EditPlug detects appearance of the tabs when opening files and when saving it, it uses tabs again wherever possible. You may also force tabs and spaces using this option.

Right margin

Specify the position of the column in which the text will be automatically wrapped to the next line when word-wrap mode is active. This value is used for Reformat paragraph command.

Gutter visible

Is checked, gutter line on the left side of editor window is visible.

Gutter width

Specify the width of the gutter line.

Default settings for new document:


Specify which highlighter will be used as default when new document is created.

File format

Specify which file format will be used as default when new document is created.