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Record Macro

Start record macro. After this command, new dialog is open when you can enter macro name and shortcut key. To stop the recording, select again "record macro" or press CTRL+F8.

Play Macro

Show list to select macro. You can press directly the hot key if you don't want to see this list.

Manage Macros

Using the Manage macros dialog, you can delete a macro, change name, or reassign hotkey of macros.

User Command (1..4)

Execute command associated with current file extension. See User Tools.

Shell Execute

Shell execute file with associated application. For example, if .html file is opened, Internet Explorer will be open with your file in it. If file is changed, it will be saved to disk before executing this command.


Compare two files.


Show statistics of current active file.

Set Highlighter

Program automatically select highlighter associated with current file extension. Use this command to change highlighter. You can use Customize Types dialog to change default assignment for file type extensions.

Convert Text To

Convert text to format specific to OS: DOS, UNIX, MAC.