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over 900 in couple of years

One of the reasons I've been able to write over 900 articles is because of the single click editing capabilities of the wiki. But just having a single click submit button to publish an article isn't going to make anyone drastically more efficient if they don't have the smarts to publish and write lots of content.

One of my tricks is to NOT HESITATE to publish. A lot of people hesitate and live in fear. I don't. A lot of people worry that writing doesn't solve anything and that doing only programming is the answer.. but many times writing allows you to build plans and build reasons why and what to program.

A lot of people also waste their lives away posting memos to mailing lists and IRC channels.. only to be nitpicked and bitched at. Writing articles on your own domain name allows you to get writing done and get work done instead of nitpicking idiots back and forth. Posting your memos to mailing lists and IRC channels also allows your content to end up in a black hole.. once it is sent and everyone deletes the message, no one really knows about your article except for the odd archive robot. Things get thrown away and lost if you do not structure them somewhere.. and unfortunately a lot of programmers waste their lives away giving other people tips and advice on mailing lists, forums, irc channels.. only to be discouraged when they find out they are being used and abused for their brains.

I have to program a 'publish' button into this quick content paswiki system so that I can make a final copy PDF file and final copy HTML file with a single click. A final copy of each article needs to be snapshotted and set in stone so that the publication can be referenced and quoted easier. A wiki page can change at any time so is not good for reference or for quoting. With a publication system added to this wiki it will offer that benefit.. formal final copies, and informal rough copies. This is something I've always hated about wiki's and I plan to solve it by offering the best of both worlds.. rough copy, and final copy, and even updates and revisions to the final copy just as books can be revised and updated.

I am not talking about a mediawiki style revision system. I am talking about a way to make a permanent final copy of a page at a certain date (a snapshot). This permanent copy can be exported immediately to PDF/HTML with a single click... no hesitation, no worry. Software is all about making things easy.. even if you are an advanced hacker who likes to do things the hard way, you are eventually trying to automate and make tasks easier.. otherwise you wouldn't be writing any programs and/or you'd be using assembly code for all software development.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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