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hatred for the Cheetah

Links: Cheetahs are fast, stupid, and demented - the perfect mascot for the freepascal compiler... a fast, but bug prone, and demented compiler. When your main focus is speed, and not correctness... you might even become extinct. The cheetah is one of the fastest animals in the world, which says nothing. It is almost extinct. Pascal compilers are the fastest compilers in the world, and near extinction. But the good news is that cheetahs serve virtually no purpose on this planet and we would not miss them if they disappeared.

"Experienced cheetahs may require 20 minutes to be confident that they’ve suffocated their prey, though this might also be the amount of time it takes for them to recover from the exertions of their run (Brakefield 1993). Duma, however, seemed to be holding on for only a few minutes, if that. The gazelle struggled to its feet and had to be pinned down again. Again, Duma tried a throat bite, and again she gave up too soon. But by now her mother had secured a firm purchase on the gazelle’s rump, had bitten through the skin, and had started feeding on the animal’s haunches. Again the gazelle struggled to its feet, panting and wide-eyed, and again it had to be pinned down. And again another unsuccessful attempt at strangling was performed. As the gazelle stood up again, still struggling and very much alive, it essentially had most of its back end opened up, with a huge bloody hole showing that the mother cheetah had managed to eat in as far as the guts. It was literally being eaten alive. Though the end of the sequence wasn’t shown, King explained that the gazelle must have endured a slow, agonising death"

Smart programmers would do extensive critical research before choosing a mascot.

Here are some cute videos showing some cheetahs:

Isn't it great that cheetahs are fast, though?

Hey isn't it great that cheetahs are FAST though?

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