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Work For Work For The Sake Of Work

We have to get work done. We have to get "it" done.

Get the "job" done and "work" for "retirement" and "die".

Work for your children who will then work for work, and then they will have children that work for work only to work. Get it done. Something. Pretend it is important to go to "work", even if your work is meaningless work that creates more work for other workers. It works.

Create more materials - consuming more is better. More work means more consumption. The more consumers and the more materials, the more work. Work is great - industrialization is great, revolution is great, overpopulation is great. More taxes and more accounting, and more computer systems to keep track of the work. Account for the accounting, tax the tax, work the work.

Work: a never ending multilevel scam

Think about this: you are a dollar store owner.

If you don't sell 3000 dollar store items in one month, you won't make $1500.00 if your markup is 100% of your purchase price. Buy an item for 50 cents and sell for 50 cents more.

You can't pay two people's salary with $1500, nor can you pay building rent.

Businesses are not based on any science - they are based on "how much money do I have to fuck out of people to pay my rent to that other fuck that requires so and so amount of money per month, and that other middle man fuck that supplies me my products, and that other fuck that works behind the counter that I have to pay". Work is just a little game of fucks. In the dollar store case, we find out that fucking people for $1500 isn't going to make the business run. No matter what ethics are broken if we try to make $1500, the business won't work. So we have to increase the sales, no matter what ethics/pollution rules/laws are broken.

Even if your dollar store sells 30,000 items (thirty thousand) PER MONTH and you make 50 cents on each item, that only leaves you with $15,000 dollars - enough to pay rent and about one to three people's salaries. PER MONTH!

We aren't just talking about dollar store gifts here, we're talking about all the plastic wrapper that they come in and all the packaging. Where does all this packaging crap go to? The dumps? Do people eat the plastic and poop it out?

Why though?

But have you ever asked yourself WHY IS IT that you NEED to sell these 30,000 items, and will the world necessarily be better if you DO SELL these 30,000 items, and does it help anyone a significant amount? Is selling 30,000 items not based on any science of whether the world needs 30000 items? Is selling 30000 items purely based on the profits that you require to keep the store open, or is there some actual underlying purpose of selling these 30000 items?

One Dollar Store? Or One Million?

Have you ever considered that when I speak of ONE SINGLE dollar store selling 30,000 items, I'm only speaking of ONE SINGLE store? How many dollar stores are there in the city, in the country, in the world? How much plastic wrapper and how much cheap china slave labor does that total up to? How much useless shit does that total up to?

Have you ever taken a math class and asked the teacher this and gotten kicked out of school for asking? I didn't but I wished I did.. unforutunately I was only a kid and didn't know enough.

I Speak From Experience

Now most software developers know about software and only software. They are clueless when it comes to things like 'businesses' and 'agendas' and 'profits' and 'sales quantities' and 'cheap labor in china'.

Well, trust me, I know all about this little business game. As I founded my hardware sales business when I was 17 years old, I sadly realized that if I wanted to stay in business, I wasn't to give a shit whether or not the world really needs more cables or adapters or memory. All I give a shit about is how much I can mark the product up and what the profits return - there is no science or study done on whether the world really requires consumer products. The studies done are always about how much profits a company will make and whether the consumers are willing to pay for items - if a consumer is willing to pay for an item, that doesn't automatically make it legitimate or ethical to sell an item - nor is there any science proving that this item really needs to be sold for any true purpose.

Of course business men and sales persons pretend to "care about their customers" and "take care of their needs". The reality is that a worker is just milking the customer, who is also a milker that works to milk other folks. But math can prove this milking multilevel scheme impossible - it doesn't just go on and on and on - you eventually run out of milk. That's why there are millions of poor folks in the world - consumerism won't exist without poor folks. You can't fix poor people - poor people are a necessity for consumerism and capitalism to function. It's simple math - denying this means you don't understand basic math.

Shut up, Shut up, Shut up

Note to self, talking to myself: Lars, Lars, Lars, why have you become such a pessimist? Answer: because you started your own businesses at a very young age, refused to deny reality, and you know exactly how business really works. This pessimism is truth and honesty - but it necessarily does not help Z505 software attract more customers, nor does it attract more customers to your hardware company. Stop being so honest, and just take. Just take a little - be the top of the food chain - stop being so fair. Life isn't fair and it is your job to keep the above a secret - and milk as many people as possible while keeping it a secret - but always pretend that what you are doing is helping the world, and always believe in your own bull shit, it's how companies succeed.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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