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Why REBOOT and not RBT

I dnt rmembr hw mny unx cmds thr r, bt u no sm of thm r not trs.

Why does linux use REBOOT by default and not something like RBT.

For example instead of MAKEDIR or MAKEDIRECTORY.. you know what linux uses..mkdir. And instead of COPY.. you know what linux uses..cp.

The other thing that I'm baffled about is the Cee programming language using words like TYPEDEF and ELSE and GOTO. Why not TYP, ELS, and GTO?

TYPEDEF is more verbose than Pascal's TYPE.

Single quote strings are easier to type in Pascal than Cee's double quotes.

Everyone just thinks up their own holy crap. When asked about the := versus = assignment operator.. the inventor of Cee said 'but the equal sign you type more often that is why we chose it'. What about the "quotes" used often in Cee.. why not 'single quotes' since they are easier to type (on QWERTY keyboards no shift key is required). I wonder why he chose TYPEDEF and STRUCT instead of TYP or TP and STRCT or STRUC or STCT. I wonder why he chose CONST and not CNST or CONS, or even CON.

People may find 'copy' too much to type. Why though is unix case sensitive, since commands like XFree86 can be tedious and prone to case error? Is it Xfree86, xFree86, or XFree86, or xfree86? They are a pain to type. It should be that if you make a slight 'case mistake' then who the hell cares. You are trying to run a command.. right.. and it needs to be easy like the 'cp' command instead of 'CopyTHEFile' vs 'copyTheFile' vs 'copythefile'.

The bottom line is that everything is just emotional holy crap picked by the original author or inventor.. with no true consistency.

and debian's apt-get is a royal pain.. it should be apg or something.

BSD's pkg_add is a royal pain.. it should be pkg-add for QWERTY keyboards.

Why is linux called linux, and not LX or LNX? Why is C++ called C++ and not C2? Why is C++ successful if you can't even say it in conversation. The phrase "cee plus plus" is not marketable, because it is hard to say/pronounce and explain to people. It is also hard to find info on search engines compared to a word based language such as Java, Qompute, Pascal, Ruby, Python.

What about EXTERN? Why not use XTRN?

Why use break; and not brk?

Should continue; be cont; or even better skip;?

Bottom line: no reasons. Just holy crap and `what we felt was best that day` by the authors.

See also Why-The-Cee-Language-Was-Ugly

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