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Website GZIP Compression Test

GZIP compression allows a website to send compressed HTML to the web browser. Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, etc. all support this. It can save you lots of bandwidth on hosting.
Some web pages will be compressed 50-80 percent before being sent to the client web browser. The web browser takes the GZIP file it receives (compressed html) and uncompresses it.
See the Leknor GZIP Test
Also see the Desilva GZIP Test
I'm sure we could write a GZIP tester with PSP too, but there are better things to do, and someone has already done it with crumby old PHP ;-)
Additional note:

Even better, but never seen before would be to pre-compress and STORE all your html files as GZIP. But CGI programs might not works so well this way since they are programs.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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