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We Practice Craving Magick Not Sex Magick

Once I was reading about Jimmy Page and how he made everything in life sex. Not a simile , but a metaphor. At least, this is how he became rich and successful. For example, the song Stairway to Heaven was built on the orgasm. The song speeds up and slows down, and speeds up. Good sex would not be consistent. Good sex would be variable, surprising, ups, downs, etc.

Jimmy applied this to life.. putting all the effort possible into a guitar riff or even just moving a finger on a wire string.

Socrates the Philosopher

"Socrates frequently compares ideas with children, and says that ideas are the produce of the intercourse that men have with their beloved disciples (Symp. 209ae). In a related analogy, Socrates compares himself to a midwife to men and boys who are "pregnant with thought" (Theaetetus). In the Protagoras, Socrates compares ideas to food, claiming that sophists are more dangerous to the mind than peddlers of spoiled food are to the body." --Wikipedia

Although Socrates didn't come up with the term "Sex Magick" nor did he know what Sex Magick was probably, his philosophical statements suggested that he knew about this transfer power. Instead of constantly focusing on sex, one should instead consider other activities in life just like sex.. and become good at those activities by focusing all power and effort into them.

Have you ever shared source code with another developer and experienced an amazing feeling? Even if it was proprietary commercial project.. even if it was an open source project. If we are not rewarded for sharing our code in some way (through thank you notes or through more source code given back, or even through a pat on the back) then we feel empty.

My interpretation of Socrates Sex Analogy

Socrates idea is that instead of men chasing women, and women chasing men, we should instead chase ideas and provide ideas with each other moreso than babies. After all, there are much more ideas to discover then there are babies. For example, one may only have 3 children in his or her lifetime.. but 1 million ideas. Those who obsess with sexual endeavors, are wasting their time, since ideas are much more important. Exchanging physical sex is overrated, while exchanging ideas is underrated. Both are good, but one is more important than the other.

Unfortunately, the human brain has been partly hard-wired to feel that physical sex is more important than "idea sex". There lays the problem. I say "partly hard-wired" because it is still possible to escape the wiring system through a process called "craving transfer" which is a theory and practice of my own. I call this "Craving Magick".

Beating around the bush

No one has really explained Sex magick well.. whenever Jimmy Page is asked about the Occult or Sex Magick, or whenever one researches Sex Magick in books or on websites, we are given information that beats around the bush and does not give direct advice or examples of what "sex magick" truly is. Of course, being the curious fellow I am, I researched it in order to learn what it really was.

I was particularly interested in finding out what "magick" really was: I was curious as to why they spelled it "magick" since I didn't believe in magic and hoped that "magick" was something different. And it was, thankfully. I was also interested in what sex had to do with magic, too.

Sex magick, in simple terms, is transferring the cravings from sex over to something else.. i.e. playing music, writing software, doing a job, etc. It's a little more sophisticated then that.. but that is the basic idea behind it.

However, thinking about life as one big sexual thing.. where pain is ignored and all effort is put into an activity, isn't ideal - because it also makes one think about sex often. This leads to lack of concentration, because if the magick doesn't transfer over from sex to the activity you want to do (such as getting the program written, or fixing the car, or vacuuming the room better than ever) then you end up not getting much done. I have a different way to utilize magick, and that is through "transferring the craving". It's called Craving Magick.

Confirming Craving Magick was Possible

This one very day I had a strong craving for something.. and I forget exactly what it was that I was craving. It was either ice cream, or pizza, or tomato sauce, or salsa, or something along those lines. It might have even been an engine I was craving to start. Let's just say it was pizza.. I really can't remember.. but let us just say it was pizza. Something tastefully pleasing when hungry.

Of course, I didn't have any food in the house, and I was poor - so I was absolutely sure that there would be no chance that I could get what I want. I bitched, moaned, and complained to myself. Why was I craving these items? I had no money! I had no way of even stepping out of the room I was in and getting the items I wanted.. unless I somehow was able to magickally find pizza in my house.. which, I was sure I didn't have.

I had flour... a huge bag of flour. I had water. Of course I had sugar. All the cheap stuff. One pizza cost about.. $10. One pizza lasts about one night, or one half of a night. One bag of flour lasts about two months (especially the 20KG bags).

At this point, I realized, that it wasn't pizza I wanted. Pizza is what I craved. But what I wanted, was food. Something that tasted good, yes.

Through critical analysis, I fired up my Porsche Turbo (yes, I was poor, and I had a Porsche turbo.. don't ask) I drove my car over to seven eleven (a convenience store) and I found some butter. Of course, I couldn't afford the butter, but some how I managed to find some coins somewhere on a shelf or under the seat. Yes, it was that bad. I was running a couple start up companies at the time.

Anyway, I got home, and off I went to make pancakes, shortbread, pita's, biscuits, and what not. This was of course at about 2:30AM in the morning. The first batch of goodies was done at about 3:30AM or so.

What had I done? I craved, and would not give up until I had my pizza. In the end, I got my pizza. I transfered, my craving, from A, to B. The pancake, shortbread, pita's, and biscuits were tasteful items. Of course, my real craving wasn't for pizza.. it was just for food.. but your mind, it tells you that your craving is for pizza.

Craving Magick Can Transfer Any Energy

So then there was this time when I craved to go driving, and instead, I built one of the fastest parsers in the world - and the command line passed by me, and scared the living shit out of me - it felt just like the day I broke 220KM in my car, illegally.

I never ever had the intention of going 220KM in my car, as I knew it was dangerous and stupid. But it happened, and I don't do it any more, I only did it twice and I was young and stupid. But when I parse, it is completely safe, completely stupid, fast, and much more mentally challenging than driving cars.

Tonight I am listening to pink floyd, and every song was about coding. None were about love. I was working on the Qompute compiler.

Sometimes, I transfer all my energies into writing articles.. and can get no coding done for at least an hour. Ignoring everything but the article is important, otherwise procrastination or lack of focus will set in.

The idea is that if one can smoke a cigarette, he can smoke a tire. If one can smoke a tire, he can smoke a compiler. I don't smoke, I do other things. It is just a transfer of cravings. I don't smoke tires either.. I prefer engine noise over tire noise. But if I wanted to, all that has to be done is I just transfer my one craving over to it. This can be used for constructive or destructive purposes, of course.

There's nothing stopping Craving Magick - it is too powerful - and I thank Jimmy Page Robert Plant, and Crowley, for teaching Sex Magick through their songs. Although Robert Plant's voice can be a bit whaling and high pitched at times, it does represent how Sex Magick is truly practiced. The reason Sex Magick is not what I practice is simply because it puts too many sexual images in the brain - while Craving Magick on the other hand just focuses on transferring the "cravings" of anything over to some other item. For example, driving fast in a car triggers a different feeling than sex, so why just use sex magick and not craving magick in general? Sex is after all just one craving.. it isn't the only one.

In fact, some of this craving magick has been going on for longer than the pizza incident. That was when I was about 18 years old. The first real craving magick I had was when I stopped watching TV at the age of 17 or earlier.

I drive cars slow now, unlike when I was a teenager. I get my speed thrills in my parsers. I prefer driving slow. I have no tickets for speeding, and no license demerits.

Eliminating Distractions

In Magick, you must have a True One purpose. Having a true one purpose means eliminating negative blocks or negative drains. One drain people have that absorbs a lot of their time, is TV.

I am now near my mid twenties when writing this article, and I have not watched or owned a TV since I was 17. There is no need for a TV when one transfers all his energies into other activities. Tes, in emergency, if someone else has the TV on in some home I am visiting..and my eyes happen to accidentally pass by a TV, I may catch a glimpse and then quickly run away. If there is a tornado warning or a plane hits the world trade center, I may have sneaked a glimpse of a TV if, but only because someone asked me to come and watch. When I moved out to my first place at the age of 18, I did not buy a TV and did not have a TV for years, and I of course still do not own a TV in my mid twenties. Craving Magick is responsible for it.

I would not have written as much code as I have if I had a TV - I guarantee that. And the sad thing is, in comparison to some programmers, I have written zero code.. and without applying more craving magic, I will not write very much code in comparison to other programmers. I would also have not taken apart a Porsche completely and sold each individual part of the car over the internet if I had been watching TV. Going out to the car was the TV. Compiling on an LCD screen was just watching TV with better feedback and response. In fact, my grandfather came over one time and pointed at the LCD screen and said 'it's right on the TV there don't you see it?' when we were looking over a PDF file trying to find an engine part inside a schematic/manual page. Of course, he just didn't know the correct term for an LCD screen.. but the point is you can transfer anything into anything if you truly believe in the transfer.

Having No Life

Being a hefty social butterfly is not always the best thing to do when you have one true purpose. Being a social butterfly may block your true and one purpose. If too many people get into your life and get into your way, they will rob your energies. There is no question: having too many friends is not an advantage.

So there was this one time when I wanted a kiss, and then said no, Magickally transfer that to a hug.. or something less involved. I transferred the hug over to something like a source code file that parsed 2600 text snippets in a few seconds from an SQL database. And that is why I'm single.

Ignore Surroundings

Craving Magick and the True One Purpose also is related to my ignorance theories and ignorance philosophies; ignoring one activity while focusing on the other. Or even better, consciously focusing on ignoring an activity, while focusing on the real activity.

If one tries only to focus, the Magick may not work fully. One must also block out and consciously say "no" to bad activities and objects that are in the way. Consciously acknowledging that one activity or object must be ignored, can be just as important as actually focusing on the activity to be done.

Stopping Negative Blocks

It has been proven that if one tells oneself to "stop some activity" it is more effective than trying to "not think about something". Eventually, one will think about "the something" so instead of trying to not think about it, one must consciously tell oneself to stop. Negatively crossing out the activity is more powerful than just "trying to not think about the bad activity at all". This is how one chooses "what to ignore".

See also Ignorance-The-Cure-For-ADD

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