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Water Can Dry You Out

Water can cause your throat to dry out. It washes away your saliva and can make your tongue and throat dry. This makes the person drinking the water believe that he should be drinking more and more water, when in fact it is the water that is causing his problem.
Although water is supposed to be a healthy choice, it really does not contain very rich amounts or very high quality vitamins. Take everything you've heard about water and throw it down the drain.

If you are able to drink low concentrated juices, you will not dry your throat out. Do not choose gatorade, soda, or juices with sugar as the first or second ingredient. Also consider coconut milk. Coconut milk tastes wonderful and is very nice for diabetics who cannot drink juice.

You can also pre-make banana shakes, fruit shakes, and other healthy beverages. There is no way, for example, that some raw blended ice and fruit is going to be less healthy than a glass of water. In fact quite the opposite. Water is hyped. There is no proof of water being healthy in comparison to raw fruit drinks.

Drinking excess water can wash your system out. Clear colorless urine is not good. A light to medium light yellow urine is healthy. If you have colorless and clear urine, you are drinking too much water. People that say you should be pissing clear colorless urine are idiots. That is overloading your system and your body is always disposing water instead of doing more important things such as absorbing nutrients. Drinking too much water could cause nutrients to be pissed out instead of absorbed too.

For those who think that drinking pure water (more than 8 glasses) each day is essential since it "gives your system a break from digestion": the reality is that your system is always under stress, and is never given a break. It is always looking for minerals, sugars, and vitamins throughout the day. If you are worried so much about giving your system a break, then consider that your conclusions may be Emotional vs Actual ones. The intestine has food in it in all sorts of places, even if you only eat three small meals per day. There is no way to give your system a break, unless you fast.

You do not need 8 glasses of water a day. 8 glasses of juice or 1 glass of water and 6 fruits can be enough. There is no need to pay attention to those who say you need 8 glasses of water per day under any condition. Most of these folks do not even consider body weight. For example a 110 pound woman is supposed to have 8 glasses of water, and so is a 240 pound man? The "8 glasses of water" chant you hear is incorrect and vague.

Sure it is fine to drink 8 glasses of water a day if you want to, and if your urine isn't clear colorless from doing it. But don't blindly follow the 8 glass rule. A 240 pound person might need 20 glasses of water if he is doing weight lifting.. while a slimmer 140 pound person might need 4 glasses of water and 6 glasses of juice to try and boost their calories.

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