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UCSD Pascal Too Good For IBM and Bill G

"IBM wanted there to be one and only one system. Why would you choose a system whose strength is portability? UCSD Pascal’s strength was a mismatch for IBM’s strategy."
"Bowles himself, now 75, can remember vividly the height of UCSD Pascal’s success. He was in high demand, speaking by phone with Bill Gates, meeting with Apple’s Steve Jobs, and sending his students’ work around the world. At one point he spoke at a large conference at the convention center in San Jose. On a projector he showed what his kids down in San Diego had accomplished. 'People just gasped in amazement at what could be done.' "
"By 1974, Professor Kenneth Bowles could see a very different future. Bowles, who was then head of the University’s computing center, wondered if it would be possible to get Pascal— a relatively new language that had a bunch of technically attractive features—onto new microcomputers, rather than simply having it run on a big mainframe computer. The microcomputers were the first personal computers that allowed programmers to skip the mainframe entirely."
"...Wirth attributed the success of the language to Bowles and his team. 'Pascal gained truly widespread recognition only after Ken Bowles in San Diego recognized that the P-system could well be implemented on the novel microcomputers,' Wirth said in his 1985 Turing Award Lecture."

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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