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Thoughts On Sigmund Freud

Work in progress (still compiling my thoughts on Freud)

Some of Freud is Fraud, I will say (oops, Freudian slip?).

Other Freud teachings are interesting, partly accurate, and very thought provoking.

The first issue I would like to address about Freud, and I'm not done this page yet, is the anal retentive theories and philosophies he discussed.

During childhood I clearly recall working on mechanical projects of all sorts - where I was very anal retentive. I would hold in my shit in order to complete my projects and extend my work period. I had no time to take a poo and trained my anal system to be retentive. This meant that when I was called for supper as a child, I usually ignored the call and came about 1 to 3 hours late.

Freud's anal retentive theories discusses the notion that holding in poo at a very young age will mean that the person will become a control freak, overly organized, unable to let loose and let go of issues, lack of sense of humor, etc.

My findings during childhood were that overly focused people, ones serious about their projects (especially not work or school related ones) will hold in shit and become anal retentive simply because they are extremely focused and ignorant of their surroundings.

Why should we let anal movements bother us as children, during serious and important side projects? If the project is more important - the anus will have to wait - hence causing retention.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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