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This Is a Binder Not a Wiki

PasWiki will be finished off and shipped as a Wiki, but I would like to now focus my efforts on Web Binder software, or Web Notes software.

I don't want all my articles to be part of a wiki - because some need to be set in stone that other people can't edit. Some articles do need to be edited publically. Some articles need to be edited by close friends or fellow programmers.

I think I will convert my efforts into developing this software program as a OpenBinder or something similar. After writing in this wiki for quite some time, I realized that a wiki doesn't suit me - all articles cannot be edited by the public. Some definitely can and should be edited by the public.

The way an advanced electronic looseleaf binder works is more like how this PasWiki is currently operating. When I have a new idea I start a new page. But since this is electronic, I can link to other pages - whereas in a looseleaf binder I cannot do that so easily. This software feels like an advanced binder to me more than a wiki.

I want to be able to give people a key to certain pages (passcode) so that they can edit them. This works for teams of programmers who need to make plans together.

Some pages can have a public passcode which anyone can edit.

The ideas above make this software an advanced binder with extra features a looseleaf binder doesn't offer.

I don't like blogs as much, because they revolve heavily around dates. Some binders I have don't have dates on all the pages - not all information revolves around dates. Some of my binder pages get edited later on, updating an old thought - putting dates on the page would only obfuscate the page with more numbers than content.

Some pages are date crucial - so a binder doesn't restrict one from making a date at the top of the page, or even in the center of the page - or anywhere else.

Now I must think of a name for the software.. OpenBinder, WebBinder, e-Looseleaf...

PasWiki will still be released.. but after releasing a PasWiki, I've decided that I must improve what I think has evolved into an electronic binder.

Whether it is called a wiki or a binder doesn't matter really - but I think wiki is more public, and I am tending to be more private (with some public). A philosopher cannot have his thoughts edited and hijacked persay - this sometimes happens in a wiki. A philosopher has to have some articles that are written by himself alone. Essays, looseleaf, notes, papers - whatever you want to call them.

One should be able to write an article that is private, and one should be able to write an article that is public - not enforcing either method as superior. Some wiki's offer this ability - but are they really a wiki any more? I don't like making pages using ThisNewPage style syntax (MixedCase), I prefer This New Page (with spaces). So again, is this really a wiki any more? The original C2 wiki was based on the idea that ThisNewPage created new pages, and that all wiki pages are public.

I think inventors and creative thinkers prefer not to use what everyone else is using. It's part of the rebellion process. I am somewhat a rebel - so here is a psychological analysis of what may be happening to me:

I refuse to use a blog or a wiki, because everyone else has one. Everyone else follows the leader, and I want to be different. I could just install wiki software or blog software - but I want something different. I want something that doesn't play copy cat. Yet Another Wiki, Yet Another Blog, Wow A New Binder.

This binder doesn't have those bulky rings that get in the way of my pencil. But really, it is a binder.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

This wiki contains info on life, health, humans, nature, programming, database, fads, paradigms, poems, principles, theories.

Articles may contain statements which some may find helpful and encouraging, or even discouraging.

Beware, I believe in the Grand Justice system.
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