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There is more than LeftWing RightWing

Because left wing and right wing have been defined, vast quantities of people assume that's all there is to making a quick judgement on a political status, party, or general view. Everything must fit on a straight and simple line.
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There's nothing else to it? It's as simple as that? The whole idea of left wing and right wing is far over-simplified. A political status should not be left or right. One political status may combine a right idea with a left idea in order to make the best of the situation. It is not a scale of right to left. It is of great stupidity for a political party to go on defining himself left, right, or center. It's not the fault of just the voter or the party - both rather. Both the voter (people following the party), and the party itself are responsible for this left-right stupidity.
A political party should never put itself on a left-right scale, simply because it is far more dimensional than that. This is not a scale of -10 to 10 or left to right. It is far more complicated than that. One should pick a political view based on the ideas set out by the party or group. A party should be adjusted, or more parties should be created if they feel that too many of the ideas of the first party are detrimental to society.
Worst, children are taught in school of this left-right stupidity, and they apply it to other topics of life. And it's a far over-simplified way of looking at any activity or object in life.
The idea that a left-right scale can draw a quick picture or resemble a party's stance is ludicrous.

A one page cheat sheet or summary of any party could have completely conflicting ideas based on a left-right scale, if it was an honest party. An honest party would note both advantages from several different economies and systems, but never scale them as left to right. Such complexities of economies, humans, and the world can not simply fit in a left-right scale. Yet this still is the current accepted method of summarizing a party for the majority of the world today in 2005.

If the party is basing its ideas on a left right scale, this is why parties are so over-simplified and the reason parties fail. Oversimplifying a party based on a right-left accepted scale is offering guaranteed failure for a party.
Because it is easy to draw a straight line on a piece of paper, some political parties have gone as far as believing that this must be an accurate way of grasping the general scope of a political system. With this logic, all fruit could be on a scale left to right. How would one fruit differ from another on a left to right scale? Wouldn't there be complex differences between fruits? The left-right diagram does not offer intelligent analysis, and it is extremely surprising that in today's society (2005 as of writing) people and parties are still following this system.
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