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There Are Ranters or There Are Ranters

There is a crowd out there who thinks that any form of ranting is not worth reading or that any ranting is simply rubbish.

Here's the joke: complaining about someone ranting, is a form of ranting itself. The ironic people who complain (rant) about ranters ranting, should be hit on the head with an iron ore so that they realize the amount of iron in their blood.

Intelligent People

Most critical intelligent theorists, programmers, and scientists in the world rant.

Theo De Raadt Rants (founder of OpenBSD)

Linus Torvalds Rants (founder of Linux)

Fabian Pascal Rants (http://dbdebunk.com)

Joel Spolsky Rants (http://joelonsoftware.com)

Raymond Chen Rants

E.W. Dijkstra Ranted
(how do you think we lessened the use of GOTO's)

Donald Knuth Rants
(how do you think we lessened unstructured GOTO's)

Niklaus Wirth Rants
(how do you think we lessened unstructured GOTO's, and why do you think Niklaus ranted about Algol being too complex, or about current software being too bloated?)

Brian Kernighan Rants (why do you think we improved crappy standard pascal)

Date and Darwen rant in their Third Manifesto book on the relational model. They rant about problems with SQL, etc.

These are very intelligent critical people. So? Suck it up.

All the authors of successful programming languages were ranters not afraid to speak their mind.

All the authors and founders of operating systems were ranters and critical thinkers.

Security experts are very critical and will rant about problems (and go ahead and fix them too).

Bug fixers (like Raymond Chen) and backwards compatibility experts will rant about their problems and go ahead and fix them too.

The guy who found out the moon was round and not flat (or more precisely discovered the way things really orbit around what), was arrested for ranting about it. The catholic church did not permit people ranting about the current orthodox belief system.

The founders of google ranted and fought with each other during startup (Larry Page and Sergey Brin).

Dumb People

The most mentally deprived people are the ones who complain about people ranting... because their complaint itself is just a rant. Look in the mirror.

Dumb people do not question or challenge current practices.

Dumb people make assumptions about the ultimate intention of a rant.

Dumb people do not demand improvement.

Dumb people are very traditional and resistant to any change (extremely conservative).

Dumb people do not push for progress.

If one cannot see the positive points about a rant, and the positive reasons why a rant is healthy.. then he should be put in jail.

One of the key reasons software (or anything) in the world is improved, is because of some person ranting. Problems must be acknowledged.. which means negative situations must be written about and documented.

Those who understand magnetism and the positive and negative poles, understand that there is no such thing as a one sided magnet.

Say no to fanboys and people that are against ranting. Put them in your kill file. Add the people that rant into your whitelist. Because they are smart. They seek improvement and refinement.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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