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The Stupidity of One Letter Programming Languages

When searching the internet for "c" or "c dscussion group" or "c downloads", you probably soon decide that you have to search more specifically, such as "C programming language function", since just "c" alone will bring up far too many useless and irrelevant results. However, not many people in web forums, newsgroups, etc. mention "c programming language", rather they mention "c". So the problem with searching for the term is that you get bombarded with other things that start with c, contain c (dictionaries, words, haircuts, cooties, cool, etc.).
The time you waste figuring out what you are going to type into the search engines, whether it be "C programming", "c programming language", "C plus plus", and the time you waste filtering out irrelevant C results could be better spent elsewhere.
This problem is similar to The Stupidity of Files Without Extensions.
True, that other languages like Perl, Pascal, Python etc. have other meanings too (i.e. Blaise Pascal will bombard you a bit, and pearl necklaces will bombard you a bit, and Python snake websites might come up too), but this is MUCH better than being bombarded with everything "C", such as dictionaries, alphabetical listings. It actually makes you feel hesitant or scared to search for "C", since there are so many decisions to make when just choosing what to punch in the little edit box: do I punch in "C++ programming functions", "C plus plus functions", or "Cee plus program function"? and if I do, will I even come up with any results because people don't mention "plus plus" in conversation!?

Will my search engine treat "++" as a special symbol instead of literal "++"? Has the search engine spent useless hours and engineering getting around this sitation by defining ++ as a word, and should I worry about that? Will I have time to even program anything at all, if I'm constantly worrying about "HOW" I'm going to find info on my programming language, instead of "WHAT" info I'm going to find on my programming language? Should I just give up searching for up to date information on C and resort back to old, useless, dated, dinosaur books written by Brian K?

Bottom line: I'd rather the C programming language be called "Christmas" or "Crap". Though 'Christmas' and 'Crap' will bring up plenty of search results, at least it will not bring as many as 'C'.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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