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The Secrets To Cream Soda

  1. Buy pommegranate juice (a.k.a. pomegranate)

  2. Add lots of drops of vanilla - more than you think. Either artificial (vanillin) or naturual vanilla will do.

  3. Mix in some sugar. Sugar has to be added to enhance creamyness
Don't worry if the pommegranate juice is a bit expensive - it's usually just as cheap as grape juice, and since it is so concentrated you can water it down quite a bit.

If you don't add enough sugar you won't taste the vanilla enough. Sugar and vanilla really bring out the creamy taste - this is the essential secret.

My goal is eventually to figure out a way to add less sugar in order to bring the vanilla out without it being so sugared. I'm not sure if it is possible.

Of course the above recipe is not carbonated, it is flat. But that is the cream soda secret. I'd argue the above ingredients taste even better than the cream soda corn syrup shit you buy from the commercial soda corporations.

If you want to carbonate this - then first create some carbonated water by using yeast, citric acid, and sugar. After your water is carbonated from the yeast, then add the above ingredients. You can also try adding the above ingredients first, since the yeast will probably really like the nutrients in the pommegranate juice. If you aren't familiar with yeast and how to make soda with yeast naturally (with tons of B-vitamins and trace nutrients), that goes beyond the scope of this article.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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