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Take Give Ratio

Quoting a law:
A man must take (much) more than he gives in order to survive. --L505

There are a lot of folks who deny this and claim that life is about giving. The whole basis of life and reason that you are living is that you took more than you gave. People will deny and deny and continue to proclaim that life is about giving, life is about giving more than you take. This is complete and utter nonsense. Any reasonable mathematician or scientist with common sense knows very well that the only reason a living being can survive is because he takes more than he gives.

For example consider a business that makes thousands of sales and gives back rebates to its customers. If the business was fair and gave back more rebates so that the customers went away ahead, the business would go broke. Businesses are all about finding creative ways to screw people in ways that it appears that the business is not screwing anyone.

The best businesses are those in the growth/crop industry - they grow plants from sunlight and water and sell them for profit. It appears no one is screwing anyone here. The only things getting screwed are the plants, sunlight, and water.

When you grow a plant from water and sunlight and give it to a friend, you are taking much more energy than you think. However at least in this case you are taking from sunlight and water - and you are not taking from people. When a business grows a plant and sells it to a person - he is taking from the person - taking more than he gave. However it is much better to grow plants out of sunlight and water and sell them than it is to screw someone by using someone (such as outsourcing your work to the poor folks in China and using them as slaves).

The only way to escape taking from people is to transfer the taking over to plants and water (or robots). Plants and water don't have feelings (and hopefully robots don't) so if we screw them, at least we aren't hurting them. If a farmer survives off his own land and does not run any farming business, he is only taking from sunlight and water - and not people.

A successful business plan is to think of people and animals like plants. People kill plants every day without seeing any blood or gory - no one thinks it is bad to kill a plant or take from plants. A successful business sees no gory in taking from people or animals. A successful meat farmer does not see red blood while cutting a cows head off - he just sees a plant that happens to have red blood and eye balls. How come when you cut a raspberry in half the red blood from that raspberry does not hurt your feelings?

In China the people working in the factories are just plants. If you think of the people in China as plants - it isn't a big deal any more - they don't have a face, they are just a bunch of plants that require a bit of sunlight, water, and minerals. This isn't a racist joke - this is something every business must do in order to survive. This is the cold reality - a wolf will kill other animals to live. If you deny that then you are living a scam. A business is a wolf.

I'm not happy that businesses work this way nor am I agreeing with this plant or wolf metaphor - I'm just pointing out that in order to live someone must be screwed greatly in some other country (or locally). Someone must take more than he gives in order to live - it is simple math.

In order for you to live your life someone or something got screwed or taken advantage of or stolen. It is the same as the stock market. In the stock market whenever someone wins, someone else gets screwed.

But there is a happy future - slavery work that is currently done in places like China can be hopefully outsourced to robots - robots don't have feelings, eyeballs, blood, or faces. Well, they have faces - some of them - but they hopefully won't have nerve endings, hormones, etc.

We can safely take from robots, microorganisms, and machines without feeling as guilty. Taking from humans has us feeling much more guilty than if we take from machines, micro-organisms, and robots. Imagine if your 250HP car was actually run from Horses.. not an engine. How many horses would you hurt? When your car is powered from alcohol which was created from Yeast Fermentation of cane sugar - how many Yeast cells did you hurt? Yeast cells don't have blood, gory, eyeballs, or faces.. you see.

I won't get into the "taking from the environment" issues about the 250HP car, as that is a whole new can of worms.

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