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Success Through Focused Ignorance

There was
  • this fruit
  • this vegetable
  • this brand
  • this language
  • this country
  • this state
  • this province
  • this nation
  • this culture
  • this heritage
  • this menu
  • this book
  • this article
  • this show
  • this play
  • this mechancial school
  • this thought
  • this doctor school
  • this person
  • this place
  • this store
  • this physics school
  • this street
  • this chemistry school
  • this car
  • this truck
  • this computer school
  • this address
  • this road
  • this music
  • this song
  • this law school
  • this chemical
  • this liquid
  • this nutrition school
  • this solid
  • this information
  • this history school
  • this way
  • this lake
  • this phone
  • this site
  • this shape
  • this type
  • this ornament
  • this number
  • this year
  • this mark
  • this pen
  • this mirror
  • this lid
  • this nut
  • this meat
  • this ocean
  • this wheat
  • this house
  • this tool
  • this court
  • this chair
  • this point
  • this pad
  • this fish
  • this animal
  • this symbol
  • this day
  • this area
All too much to handle in 24 hours, hence the only way to be successful is to ignore as many things as you possibly can in life, and focus on ignoring them. This way you can focus on other (few) things which make you more successful at them.

Those that play soccer, ice hockey, baseball, football, pool, poker, cards, cricket, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, golf, ping pong, tennis, frisbee, chess, computer games, squash, water polo, board games, bridge, etc. etc. etc. are not ignorant folks and hence they are not successful. They tend to want to do all and know many, which is mathematically impossible... and those games or sports I just mentioned are only 0.00000001 percent of things that one could do in a day, again proving that in order to be successful one must ignore all of the above except maybe one or three.

Of course, I was a good tennis player and an okay soccer player, and I was okay at playing cards. But I could also be okay at or good at tying shoe laces to underwear. So what? Shouldn't I ignore tying shoe laces to underwear, in order to focus on... more important things? It would seem to me that ignoring shoe laces and underwear would be the best thing to do - and so would ignoring soccer or hockey, and the TV, and the radio, and the store, and the jar, and the restaurant, and the dan, and the bob, and the jane, and the george, and the 50 million books and pages times 4 million times 8 hundred million, and the rock, and the sand, and the grass, and the cup, and the plastic, and the thumb, and the picnic table, and the ring, and the window, and the handle, and the cord, and the bottle, and the brush, and the doll, and the sign, and the staple, and the clip, and the container, and the wood, and the bulb, and the the, and the thee, and the thou, and the thy, and the that.

Do you see where I am getting at? Everyone has this egotistical "I can do this this and that and I can learn this and I can be that and I can handle that and I can make this and I can do that" when in fact that is total 100 percent complete brown bull shit.

There is absolutely no way a human being, or even a computer for that matter, can be successful, without ignoring over 50 million times 500 million thousand things.

Success through ignorance.

When I get an idea to implement something like a new website feature or a new meal on the stove, or a new poem, or a new fembot, or a new source unit, or a new graphic, or a new day, I forget the fact that I could have been a doctor, could have ordered more salt, could have read that book, could have got hired there, could have gone to that school, could have gone to that town, could have answered that call, could have paid for that item later, could have looked at the clock twice, could have changed the pants, could have talked to that person, could have had more of those friends, could have driven to that place, could have had that pet, could have traveled there, could have done better in this, could have taken the left one, could have opened that, could have made this, could move on, could do the best way, could make the most of it, could write before reading, could read the title first, and could have the the the this this this that that that the the the then then then why why why why where what blah blah blah blah too many things to think about.

Ignore it. Succeed. Be ignorant. Be happier. Ignorance is focus.

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