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Stereo Repair Tips

Some tips for fixing stereos. Maybe you thought your stereo was just "old" so time to get a new one. But some people like their stereo, or they buy a used one for a good price.
Problem 1:

Crackling speakers. Popping when turning volume up or turning stereo on. Crackling sounds when the volume or power switch is touched.


Capacitors bad inside stereo. Usually the capacitors are cylindrical in shape. They should all have a microfarad reading on them. To find out which capacitor(s) are bad, it is easiest to just replace them one by one by trial and error. There are capacitance testers out there, if you have built one or happen to have one, however.

Not just the cylindrical stand up (or coaxial) ones fail, but also ceramic (circular/flat) ones.

Note when changing capacitors: careful, take precaution. A resistor can be used to discharge the capacitor. Please read up on this safety precaution (google it or find a book) before unsoldering the capacitor and replacing it.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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