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Spiritual Man Has Head Chopped Off

The spiritual man told us about how emotions and spirits and souls were not part of the head, and that love could come from the heart, and that our soul and feeling wasn't just part of the mind.

So a protester took a big big knife and cut the spirtual man's head off, and then asked him what his feelings were, and who he loved?

The spiritual man didn't reply, and the protester wasn't surprised. Does our mind, and do our chemicals, and our nerves play a larger role in life than we admit? I think so.

I apologize greatly for the blunt violence, but some people are so naive that the message has to be put right in front of them in most obvious and crude ways, otherwise they just won't listen. Think about it for a minute: you wouldn't feel "love" if your head was cut off, because all those hormones are connected to your head, and your nerves. We are physical beings.

We create love in our mind - it doesn't really exist as "magical" love - it is just a bunch of chemicals - it exists as 'love chemicals'. If more people understood this, there wouldn't be so many marriages leading to divorces. When two people are married they aren't really in magical love, they are just in chemical actual love. If they don't encourage these chemicals (through romance (which is bullshit), speech, communication, and words) then there will be no chemical love. Without chemical love you have fictional love. Without substance, there isn't any love, nor substances, nor chemicals, nor appropriate molecules.

People tend to overdose on these chemicals and go into depression. If they treated it more like a chemical they would find answers to their problem - such as not looking at slutty porn on the internet (since this induces the chemical and creates more lust instead of less).

Some of the chemicals in so called 'love' include adrenaline, oxytocin, dopamine. There are many others. That's why when you have a date or appointment with someone you potentially love, you feel the same nervous/good feelings as when you are going to participate in a race or competition. This proves that it is in fact just different mixtures of chemicals (the appointment or date feels slightly different than right before a race or competition, but there are some overlapping feelings there for sure, which just proves it is a mixture of slightly different chemicals).

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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