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Soda And Partial Intelligence

Orange crush:
reinvent orange juice with no nutritional value. Sell for slightly less than orange juice even though clearly not having any nutritional value. Don't tell the customers that Orange soda or Orange crush doesn't have any nutrients in it, even if the same company sells orange juice too (i.e. minute maid, coca cola companies, etc.). Also known as reinventing the wheel, beating a dead horse, being mentally disabled.

Coke and Pepsi:
For some odd reason, humans appear to enjoy drinking a beverage that looks similar to dirty or fecal dissolvation in toilet water.

7-Up Plus
Add calcium and nutrients to 7-Up, eventually reinventing juice. Have several engineers, chemists, and scientists waste plenty of valuable resources and time. coming up with something that has only a minute amount of nutrients. Eventually, mixing in nutrients and hiring scientists and chemists is going to cost you more than just raping and squeezing the fresh naked orange in the first place. Because you probably end up squeezing oranges to get the nutrients of oranges, in order to add nutrients to the soda. Also known as reinventing the wheel, beating a dead horse, being mentally disabled.

Root beer
Profit on those kids that like to pretend they are drinking beer. When they are 16-17 years old they will get drunk off real beer. If the kid is in such habit of drinking root beer as a child every day, then when he starts drinking real beer he will probably forget of the danger, and drive a car right after, due to natural habit of drinking root beer all day long.

The intelligent but non-profit-able solution is to make your own soda with champagne or beer yeast. After about 1 day, you can make carbonated beverages. Of course, you can also replicate your beverages, since yeast grows. Imagine that, humans replicating beverages at home. The yeast digest the sugars you put in the drink, making it healthier than regular soda. The tiny bit of alcohol that is produced adds some sterility to the soda, which means it can be kept out on the counter longer. The amount of alcohol produced by the yeast when making soda is small - even fresh raw oranges have alcohol in them naturally, so don't worry.
The partially intelligent and profitable solution is to make bottles of natural soda with naturally occuring yeast (as above) and open up a soda shop or soda store. Sell to people who are interested in getting nutrients in their soda. Charge a bit more or less money than the regular soda sold in stores.
Don't make beer or wine. Make and drink carbonated juices and healthy sodas. Show some sign of intelligence.
Real programmers drink home made soda. Only wimps drink and financially support coke, pepsi, shasta, red bull, and mountain dew.
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