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Society vs Programmer

Regarding free source code, and freedom of source code:

One theory is that the majority of the world are not programmers, and actually want as little to do with code as possible. When one wants as little to do with code as possible, he or she is not exactly going to deploy "free source code and free software" on their desktop or their business hardware.

Surely the reader of this article doubts the guitar player on stage in the latest band cares about what processor architecture runs his guitar effects processor. The guitar player just cares that his effects processor is a working blackbox that requires little maintenance. Even if his electronic device has a few bugs, and needs to be tapped on the side every so often, or overheats once in a rare while - this is much better than him having to program the thing with some programming language. It must be a blackbox, that is essential - and a few bugs are better than having to re-program the sound system for every change that needs to be made for his guitar chorus or solo sound.

Surely the reader of this article doubts that TV watchers care about what CPU architecture and embedded software controls their TV.

Society therefore, may not be composed of programmers. Programmers are a minority. Programming is merly a scientific interest, just as astronomy is to some. However, the internet is highly related to programming, and the internet is becoming much more popular than astronomy or rock collecting. But most of the people using the internet are users, not programmers. Most people want to install click and run blog software. They don't want to program their own wiki or their own blog. They don't have time.

Therefore.. making anything open source and good for programmers isn't really going to help the majority of the world. Open code is good.. but society could care less.

It's society versus programmer.

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