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Skanks on Nexopia and Myspace Represent Humanity

Nexopia and Myspace are not the problem - the websites are okay. The people using the site are the problem. The people using Myspace and Nexopia are a sample of the human population - a large sample of the human population. And 90 percent or more of those humans are skanks. So if 90 percent of the human population on Myspace and Nexopia are skanks, does this represent humanity? It sure does. It's not a scientific survey, but the fact is that if 90 percent of nexopia/myspace are skanks, then we can probably conclude that most of the world is full of skanks.

What does skank mean?

filth: any substance considered disgustingly foul or unpleasant

It absolutely disgusts me: the kind of skanks, sluts, and whores one can pass by on Nexopia or Myspace. In fact, you don't even have to search for them or find them. They are just everywhere. They jump out even if you aren't looking for them. These people using Nexopia and Myspace are intelligent enough to own computer systems, so why are they skanks if they are intelligent enough to own a computer?

This really bothers me because it again is a sign of Pargence where people have some intelligence in this world but as a whole they are skanky, stupid, and slutty.

I'm not talking about the girls on Nexopia and Myspace only. I'm talking about all the folks on myspace/nexopia: girls and guys. If you look at the websites you will find all the guys (at least, 90 percent of them) and all the girls (at least 90 percent of them) are skanky folks who show no sign of social intelligence.

These are social sites and showing most your tits or your ass is considered the norm. Since when did these children think that showing part of your tits and your ass directly in camera, publicly, on a website, is considered a turn on for intelligent people? Why do folks over the age of 20 "talk like this u know and im cool and u are hawt, do u have msn we should chat it up i could go drinkin longer dan u lets have a competiton and see "?

I'm not saying that it is bad for someone to accidentally show some cleavage when wearing a certain dress or certain shorts. I'm talking about people purposely taking pictures directly of their cleavage and their drenched-in-make-up faces.

It's not just a sample of the nexopia/myspace population that are skanky stupid people - it is 90 percent of them or more. That is the scary part.

It would be acceptable if say 10-20% of people on nexopia/myspace were skanks - that is expected and perfectly normal. But to have 90 percent of the population being skanky, stupid, and slutty?

Now, have I personally met any of these skanks? Am I just making judgements and assumptions? Well, I am just making judgements and assumptions, because I wouldn't dare meet one of those skanks or sluts myself.. obviously if I was going to use myspace/nexopia to find friends then I'd pick someone who wasn't a skank or a slut. No problem there. The problem I see is other folks going and posting comments on other skanks pages, and encouraging more skankiness. People make comments on how nice the girl looks or the guy looks in the picture even though the person is half naked with so much makeup on that you'd have to use paint varnish to get it off their skin.

When I say that you'd have to use paint varnish to get the make-up off their skin, I'm not talking about just the girls. Yes, that is how bad it is.

Should I comment on the fact that most people have "shopping" as a major hobby or an interest on Nexopia or Myspace? I'm not sure if it is even worth my time to discuss why "shopping" and "drinking" are considered hobbies or interests on Nexopia and Myspace.

I do not have anything against Myspace or Nexopia - I have something against many of the people that use Nexopia or Myspace. The websites themselves are really good ideas Ideally I'd use them to find other folks with similar interests. They should be websites that offer something different than the bar scene, where dirty skanks go home with dirty men. But that isn't the case. Nexopia and Myspace are the same as a skanky bar with skanky people.

Why do nexopia and myspace attract skanky sluts into their user base? Is it because most of the human population are extremely pargent, or is it because most people with computers are skanks? I doubt computers and the internet have any direct relation to skankiness. There is no connection between skankiness and computers that I can see. I think instead, nexopia and myspace are just a general sample (representation) of the human population. Every middle class and even lower class family has computers these days. These people represent what humanity is with or without computers. These people would still be skanks even if computers didn't exist. It's just the way humans are naturally. And it is sad.

What can we do to change this?

We have options:

  1. wait for the human population to be wiped out like the dinosaurs were. Hopefully a more intelligent animal will replace us.

  2. start behaving intelligent and encourage others to do so.

It was and is like this in school, college, and universities too. The most popular girls and guys in school are skanks who show the most cleavage and wear the most make up. The most popular girls and guys hang out at shopping malls and bars, and drunken concerts and parties.

It's not just the internet. Don't blame it on the internet. This is humanity. The internet just gives these skanks a vehicle to transport their skankiness to other people's eyes - and much easier than any other medium ever did.

I've pondered the idea of opening up a non-skank social networking website where anyone acting skanky will be voted down, and hence will become less popular. It would definitely be a niche website since only a small population of humans would be voted up (for not being skanky).

Don't get me wrong - a tough guy showing his square shoulders in a sweater one size too small, or a girl showing her hourglass figure wearing tight jeans, is not skanky - that's being attractive, cute, and pleasant. But taking pictures directly of your private parts and having people make comments on them is being skanky. Telling people that your main hobbies or interests include drinking and shopping is being skanky.

Do you know the most ironic thing happened? Someone on one of the social networking sites was discussing about pregnancy/sluttishness and their spelling was so bad that they spelled Pregnant as Pargent. This completely amazed me. How could someone demonstrate pargence so perfectly, and so ironically?

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