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Shit Hits the CPU Fan

When I use firefox, internet explorer, konquerer, or opera (supposedly a fast web browser), I feel like shit hit the cpu fan. Thick, brown, lumpy shit.

Monolithic web browser, huge jack of all trades

And it is not firefox's fault completely - some if it is XML's fault, some of it is HTML's fault, and some of it is Javascripts fault. These are all huge monolithic formats/libraries. HTML grows bigger and bigger and bigger. Javascript supports more and more features - monolithicly. Nothing is separated out into different components - if you have javascript installed, you have javascript installed - your browser doesn't install different parts of HTML or different parts of javascript - it installs ALL of that. The web browser is monolithic, and the CPU cannot keep up with the monolithic web browser.

What keeps the web browser going today, is the fact that it displays a fairly simple non-animated text format. People don't play intense games in their web browser, thank goodness (except for those flash games, but those are jokes - those aren't intense games).

Does doing simple maintenance take forever on a fast computer

But what about doing basic computer maintenance - when I open up the control panel in Windows and navigate to the hardware device manager, and click the tabs, it takes more than 10 seconds at some times - and just clicking a tab fires off 3 million fireworks. Enough to piss me off. And I have a fairly fast computer. Shouldn't that control panel and the device manager, and the tabs, fire up instantly with today's memory and processors available?

Today's processors are not getting faster - they have come to a technology barrier. Memory doesn't improve the speed so much any more. Even on a new computer, it still feels like shit is hitting the fan.

I'm here to tell you about a software market upcoming in the future. As CPU speeds peak, and as people get sick and tired of upgrading their computers every month (every time some stupid new technology comes out) the world will eventually figure out that it's not worth upgrading your computer just to let more shit hit your fan.

By 2010-2020 there will be a focus on software improvement - because hardware has come to a hault in rapid progress. At one time computer speeds were doubling - 200Mhz, 400Mhz, 800Mhz, 1600Mhz.... BOOM - then came the 3000Mhz limit.

And that 3000Mhz won't get you that fast of a computer, either - browsing the web is still kinda slow, even with a fairly fast internet connection - because of all that BLOATWARE on the computer - the web browser is becoming a giant piece of bloatware. The web browser DOES EVERYTHING. HTML is becoming a HUGE language to parse. XML is unlimited BLOAT PARSEWARE. Everyone is using the web browser, the web browser, the web browser. People use web browsers instead of DICTIONARIES right there on their bookshelf.

But while people do use their web browser for almost everything, there is still a need for other software - people have bloatware opened up such as Visual Studio, Delphi 2006, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Dreamweaver. And with today's memory and CPU's shouldn't our computers be fast even with these applications running? They should be, according to those who continually say "but today's computers are getting faster and memory is cheap too, blah blah blah". But they aren't. Computers are slow. Install Windows XP, Linux, or BSD with a GUI window manager like KDE on a new computer - and it is shit slow.

Computers are marvelous - 1000MHz is enough to do brilliant things. 1000Mhz is not a super computer - but most computer users are not super users.

By year 2010-2020, people will stop feeding shit into their computers - companies will start developing software that is advertised as "peppier than the previous 2009 version of Xyz Pro Software". People will start developing software that is "much peppier than our last ABC Software 2011 - but with many advanced features".

As for big hard drives? Those have problems too - if your 553GB hard drive ever becomes corrupted or damaged, you may lose all 553GB of your data. You would have been better off with 10 separate 50GB SCSI hard drives. When shit hits the spinning disk, you'll have brown goop all over your face.

Software has way too many bloated features and not enough useful features these days - and it is still slow, even with today's fast processors and huge memory available.

Software has room for improvement - hardware will hit the atom/molecule size limit barrier. Moore is an idiot. And shit hit the fan. But don't worry, it will get better. People, and software developers, will get a clue. Eventually. By year 2020.

3D Video Games are can always use more CPU and video processing power - what will the game producers do when they finally realize that Moore was an idiot and we've come to a CPU peak?

I will tell you one thing - there is no way people are going to buy huge Main Frame style super computers for home use. Will we need an entire room just to store the computer system to access Wikipedia, since firefox and openoffice will need 80,000Ghz and 600,000GB of memory - spread out through a supercomputer instead of one single computer? Once you hit a CPU peak, you must enlarge the processor or spread out the processing load to multiple processors.

Oh, so that means no 500000GHZ laptops with 60000000000GB of memory. Because laptops have to be lightweight. Nobody is going to carry around a mainframe computer in their briefcase.

Welcome to a new age, where software developers will have to learn how to wipe their bum.

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Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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