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SVN Hosting Services

Sites that Offer Subversion Hosting
svnhosting.org: free hosting for open-source projects


Provides free Subversion repositories for open source projects. (Each project receives 25MB disk space, 150MB traffic, accessible through http:// URLs and WebSVN interface.)

berlios.de: free hosting for open-source projects


The goal of BerliOS is to provide support for different interest groups in the area of Open Source Software (OSS). Our aim is to fulfil a neutral mediator function. The target groups of BerliOS are on one hand the developers and users of Open Source Software and on the other hand commercial manufacturers of OSS operating systems and applications as well as support companies.

ObjectWeb: open source middleware


ObjectWeb is an international consortium fostering the development of open-source middleware for cutting-edge applications: EAI, e-business, clustering, grid computing, managed services and more.

Their hosting software is GForge, with integrated Subversion support. See http://www.objectweb.org/phorum/read.php?f=49&i=37&t=37 for details.

CollabNet: commercial software development collaboration platform, with Subversion integration


CollabNet Enterprise Edition (CEE) delivers a complete software development and collaboration platform, offered as a managed service, with full Subversion integration.

CVSDude: free and commercial Subversion hosting


CVSDude is a free CVS server and Subversion server. We provide cvs hosting and subversion hosting for software developers, software teams, graphic artists, project managers and the like. You can use your favourite software client to access our CVS and Subversion servers. Our basic or `free' service is limited but we do offer commercial upgrades...

wush.net: commercial Subversion hosting


We provide professional quality Subversion hosting for individuals and small businesses. Our plans include a suite of integrated software designed to complement Subversion.

svn-hosting.com: commercial Subversion hosting


svn-hosting.com provides professional subversion hosting. We offer everything from small repositories to dedicated subversion servers to provide you a stable backend for your critical work.

ProjectLocker: commercial Subversion hosting


ProjectLocker offers professional Subversion hosting, as well as additional development process, project management, and collaboration tools.

Gna!: free hosting for Projects under a GPL-compatible license


Gna! project is a central point for development, distribution and maintenance of Libre Software (Free Software) projects.

OpenSVN.csie.org: appears to be a free Subversion hosting site, with Trac service available too.


projxpert: professional software project hosting site


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