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Reading Ceramic Capacitors

A ceramic capacitor is one which looks like a lentil, or a disc shape. They are usually brown/beige in color.

They are also called ceramic disc capacitors, ceramic disk capacitors, ceramic discs, ceramic disks, ceramic disc capacitor, ceramic disk capacitor.

Ceramic capacitors may have the following printed on them:

  Y5P : temperature rating
  Z5V : temperature rating
  Z5U : temperature rating

If the capacitor has something printed like


then this tells you that your rating 
Note: still verifying if this is correct

  .1 microfarad  ???

Converting microfarad to picofarad: Many catalogs will only tell you the capacitor in picofarads or microfarads. So if your capacitor is in microfarads and you wish to buy one from a catalogue which lists a lot of picofarad capacitors, sometimes you may have to convert your microfards to picofarads. Figure out Y in the equation: 0.1 microfarads = Y picofarads 0.1mf x 10 power of -6 = Ypf x 10 power of -12 0.1mf x 10 power of -6 / 10 power of -12 = Ypf Comment: -6 MINUS -12 = -6 + 12 = 6 0.1mf x 10 power of 6 = Ypf 100 000 = Ypf Answer = 100 000pf Conclusion: 100 000pf (picofarads) equals 0.1mf (microfarads) Or you could use a converter tool (software or online): Capacitance Converter Tool

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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