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QuackWatch Warning

QuackWatch is a warning site that informs people about possible fraud and mis-infomration in the health/alternative industries.
They are non-profit, so obviously whatever information they work on is time consuming and voluntary. The information they research is not done for evil means such as greed, money, and profit. (except when the Quackwatch guy sues other people, I'm sure he gets a bit of profit from that, but I still don't think he is out for mainly that purpose).
Some QuackWatch articles contain critical but mainly valid points and information. Some articles may contain incomplete information or incomplete arguments, or biased arguments, but that is human nature. They are generally correct in the specific areas which they are discussing (specifics can lead to biased information, but generally at least quackwatch is NOT a corporation biased for PROFIT). Quackwatch is not truly against "general health", like some feel. Even if some of the quackwatch info is incomplete or only partly argued, at least the articles challenge the real quacky alternative health out there.

Without challenging alternative health, remember, everything "alternative" would be correct. This is impossible. Some alternative health practises have to be incorrect or invalid. It's just not possible for all alternative health to be correct. If you understand that both alternative and medical practices can have severe flaws, and some advantages (and that neither has all the answers) then you are better off. Everything has to be challenged; both medical and alternative practises.

This page will REPLY to quackwatch (i.e. comment on, challenge, or add to quackwatch's findings). PasWiki is not affiliated with quackwatch, the medical industry, nor the alternative health industry.

See one example on why QuackWatch may be generally making valid points, but maybe needs some follow up research to complete more of the questions and mysteries.

The above article addresses Vitamin C.

The above article relishes on the fact that Barrett has special connections with the drug industry. This is most likely not true, so it's not wise to state that and relish on it. Just because someone has had an M.D. doesn't mean they are running around selling drugs like a maniac.

Vitamin C needs to be studied further. Isn't this the only option - to study the Vitamin C issue further? The more studies you do, the more evidence you have. I am tiliting toward the side that Vitamin C is more helpful than most think (but not so powerful as some think), and hope that more studies are brought out.

Remember that Vitamin C is not something pulled off the moon or extracted from some rare substance. If it is in all sorts of foods, then it must do something for us (whereas something like homeopathy or vibrating water, or astrology, is something that -could- be pulled from the moon and is not in all our foods.). So if Vitamin C doesn't do anything, what would be the purpose of it being in all sorts of foods? Some doctors act as if it serves no purpose. Some act as if it does serve some purpose, but very little. Some act as if it servers medium purpose. The ones that act as if it does serve some purpose are at least sane. The ones that indicate or act as if Vitamin C serves almost no purpose, are not sane. It definitely does serve some purpose. What we need to find out is if it can serve a great or large purpose (i.e. have a great effect).

Quackwatch acknowledges that Vitamin C can serve some purpose or a little purpose. But that's not really the issue here. The issue is: does Vitamin C really have a great (not just a small) effect on illnesses? This needs to be resolved.

One theory with Vitamin C, is that it acidifies the body and could possibly stop cancer only because it is acidifying the body so much. Mega doses of Vitamin C might acidify the body so much that the cancer has no chance to survive (but acidifying the body, while killing cancer, will cause other damage to the system). This is just a theory from L505, and is not proven.

See also: Is All Homeopathy Fraud?

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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