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Purify Wine

Wine makers and Wine brewers purify wine to make it look good for their pargent customers.

Wine purchased in the store is nice and clear, without any useful nutrients in it. Well, there are a few nutrients in it, but it's almost as bad or worse than drinking Coca Cola.

Wine makers use chemicals to kill off the yeast, then they filter out sediment. They also use finers such as Gelatin, which attracts all the cloudy artifacts and precipitations in the wine - then the Gelatine falls to the bottom and the Gelatine and sediment is thrown away.

Only one problem folks. Throwing away all that sediment and using chemicals to kill off the yeast is killing off all the effing nutrients essential for your health. That sediment contains b-vitamins, high quality proteins, tons of trace minerals, and many more.

That clear wine that you drink is about as healthy as a cigarette - maybe slightly healthier.

But it's pure - pargently pure. Yes it is. Did I mention that over time alcohol causes cancer, and that most studies which state drinking small amounts of wine can be healthy don't actually base their studies on commercial purified wine?

If you are going to drink wine for your health, brew it yourself. Otherwise you might as well just be buying cigarettes.

Oh - but the wine industry - it is big. Don't tell anyone - continue on making money. Nothing to see here - move along now.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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