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Purify Sugar

Sugar factories produce white sugar that is purified to make it look good for their pargent customers. It is also purified so that folks that do baking can be more consistent with recipes. For if the sugar was a bit brown and less purified, their recipe baking times may differ slightly depending on the color of the sugar.

White sugar has basically no useful nutrients in it, other than energy - but the human body requires minerals and vitamins in order to utilize energy. So when sugar enters the body in purified form, it looks for nutrients from your food - and steals it in order for the sugar to be of any use.

Only the rich could afford white sugar at one time - sugar was special.

It takes less work to leave sugar slightly unpurified, since purification costs money. And yet purified sugar costs much less than unpurified sugar. Why is this? It is because there are more pargent folks supporting the purified sugar market than there are folk supporting the unpurified market.

If folks would stop being so pargent, the price of less purified sugar would go down. If more folks invest in less purified cane sugar (aka sucanat, raw sugar) then the price goes down

However, pargent folks continue to purchase more and more white sugar, which continually lowers the price of white sugar.

Some argue that white sugar is more predictable in recipes since it is pure. That's not really true - one can still make brown raw cane sugar consistent enough to be predictable. Back in the day when sugar wasn't as consistent (blotchy brown rather than consistently brown) this issue could have some merit.. but we have the tools and the equipment to make raw brown sugar consistent.

Fake brown sugar is a big market too - they add coloring and maple flavoring to sugar. And fake brown sugar costs less than real brown sugar - because more folks continue to support the fake brown sugar and white sugar markets.

The cost of raw brown sugar is ridiculous - you could probably buy 18K gold for cheaper by weight.

How much money is spent on health care because of white sugar? Was that ever calculated in the cost of white sugar? White sugar is cheap - but is health care cheap?

If you are going to eat sugar - always eat it with something loaded with minerals, such as vegetables or a multi vitamin. Sugar needs friends with it in order to be useful in your body. This should be stated on the white sugar package.

True story

I once had apple flies in the house from my apple tree - the flies were living in an apple in the fruit basket, which I had to throw out. I left a can of sugar open accidentally in the kitchen. Some of the flies escaped from the apple, and landed in the sugar bin.. the white sugar bin. These flies died in 12-24 hours.

I threw out the sugar because there were 2 dead flies in it which had just arrived the day before. I went back to the apple in the garbage can outside and those flies were still alive. These were the same breed of flies, and the same flock of flies - because I had just brought the apples in that day before. It wasn't as if these were different flies from different days. The white sugar didn't have any nutrients to support the flies who landed in it.

Flies, and humans - need nutrients to survive.

Eat stuff with your sugar

If you eat a candy or have soda, you should have vegetables or something with it. The problem with soda is that it has so much sugar/corn syrup in it that you really don't notice, since it is dissolved and basically invisible. Since soda goes down so easy, you don't realize how much sugar or corn syrup you are really drinking.

It would be better to drink root beer made from raw brown sugar or something similar - but of course the stores don't sell this - because they have a profit margin they need to make. They don't ever measure the health care costs - they just measure their short term profits. Of course, you could just buy orange juice for the same price as soda, but folks have grown to like soda more than they do juice. Sad.

Even black tea without sugar is much less expensive than soda, and tea contains nutrients which might help your teeth. Although black tea without sugar isn't as healthy as orange juice, at least black tea isn't acidic on the teeth. In cold winters I recommend folks drink tea if they like the bitterness of coke. It's healthier to drink tea than coke. In warm climates I recommend folks drink cool juices or iced home made tea.

Cost excuses

Many folks think that cool juices cost much more than soda - but this isn't really true always. Many juices are so concentrated that they can be watered down - and I have found orange juice costs the same money as 2 litres of cola if you buy the orange juice frozen. The other hidden cost of soda to consider is the hospital fees that you may have to pay when you are in your 40's or 50's. How healthy is that garbage you just drank?

I don't like pulp, I like my pure soda

Spoiled Fucking Brat. Pulp has all sorts of nutrients in it that are essential to human health. Pulp may be disgusting looking - but it is healthy. Personally, I find pure soda to look disgusting - especially the one with food coloring in it. That looks disgusting. To each and his own - pulp is beautiful, you spoiled fucking brat.

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