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Powerful Piping

Piping is a powerful method of trapping an applications command line output. One example of why it is powerful is when it is used to make two applications talk to each other through a pipe. If you want to see everything that is happening on one computer, without using TTY or SSH, or TelNet, you can use piping (even through HTTP)). This comes useful in many situations such as an embedded command line window in a program which remote controls another computer.
In GnuLinux using freepascal you have access to the AssignStream function. Other functions are available to pipe output to files instead of a variable.
More complicated applications that want to do more than just trap command line output will have to send and recv through invisible sockets behind the scenes, interprocess communication, sendmessage, or some other system of communication across processes. It's not wise to use the command line as a complete messaging system in all cases.
Subject: command line piping, command line pipes, pipe to stdout, piping to stdout, trapping command output, capturing command line output, capture command line output.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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