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Poem Wo vs Man

He has cities to build,
She has babies to build.
He is sexist, 
and she is sexual.

They two are different,
don't you group them together,
be a sexist.

Built for different purpose,
a man,
a woman.

She is sexual, 
and I am sexist.

Poem description:

First of all, don't go thinking that I actually follow or believe in this poem 100% - I only wrote it because it came out. Most of the media/magazines display women as sexual toys and they display men as business/action men. Look on the front of any mens magazine and you will see a man either lifting a heavy weight (doing something, supposedly useful) or you will see him in a business suit. Look on the front of any womens magazine and you will see her dolled up with sexual (not just sexy) clothing, makeup, or appearance. Even if a woman is in a suit they generally portray her as sexual in some way.

What is my view on women? My view is that there are many women out there who have accomplished a lot more than men, but there are also many men out there who have done more extreme things that women - many men are extremely stupid, and many men are extremely intelligent - while many women are less extreme. Some studies confirm this - that men are stupid and smart - there are many dumb men and many smart men.


There are more extremes with men - women are more stable with regards to intelligence/discoveries - they are not as extreme. For example there are many more male murderers and there are many more male rapists, but there are many more male inventors/great discoverers. Yet women are pretty stable and not as extreme - there are not as many women who rape or kill, and there are not as many women who are inventors/great discoverers. So if a woman is more stable, is that not a good thing? But I think woman have more extreme "emotions" which is contradictory.. i.e. a woman will cry for more hours than a man. Why is this, if a woman is more stable with regards to discoveries/inventions? I'm still researching this issue.


What is my view on the whole feminist movement? I think that if a woman has a baby she should stay home while having a baby but that a woman does not necessarily HAVE to or MUST stay home when she is not having a baby. In that sense, a women is technically more sexual, as she is responding to the needs of her child - which came from sex.

Since women have natural features that are prettier than men's features, they will always be treated a bit more sexual than men - and we can't change that simply because of their design (or more precisely, their evolution).

There are also some cold hard facts that some feminists have to look at - take a look at any World Record Olympics chart and you will see that there are definitely differences between the two sexes. The record time or distance a man can run or jump is significantly greater than a woman's time or distance record.

So if we find that in general woman are better at multi-tasking or better with languages, or that men are better at math, heavy lifting, and science, then we shouldn't deny this - we should benefit from it. If we find that this is not the case, that women are better at math and science, then we should benefit from it - let's not deny! I do not like feminists who are purely out to deny and equalize men and women. This is wrong! It's like trying to make an orange into a banana. Why? There are advantages of having an orange and a banana - two separate flavors. They are useful for different purposes! Let's not be communistic. Nothing is equal.

Being sexist is actually correct

If one argues that in general men can lift heavier weights than woman, this is just fact. There are some rare women who can lift more weight than men - however in general, there are some differences between the sexes which makes sexism true. Sexism is true and correct, whether you like it or not. Not all sexism is correct - but there are sexisms that are correct. That doesn't mean that ALL women are bad lifters, and that all women are terrible inventors. We are talking about "in general". If I tell you that "in general" cigarettes are bad for you, is that being biased? Maybe so - but it is true. Therefore noting some differences between the genders is not wrong nor should we suffer from stupid political correctness or other nonsense such as "everyone is equal".

Why on earth are we discussing this on PasWiki

Because no one else in the world is brave enough to discuss such topics. Freud discussed these topics - he was brave - although I don't agree with a lot of what Freud says. Sigmund Freud is much more sexist than I am. I'm not afraid to discuss these topics. PasWiki is for questioning, theorizing, not being politically correct, and all sorts of issues - including the embarrassing topics.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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