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Poem Think Walking

Strolling up the hall,
scratching hair,
choices, choices,
a man thought about all.

Strolling down the hall,
looking red,
decisions, decisions,
hitting head on wall.

The floor wore out,
he went bald,
the wall fell down.

He repaired the floor,
left the wall,
bought a hat,
and life went on.

Poem description:

Sometimes man thinks about life and decisions by walking and pacing up and down a hallway. Sometimes we think for so long that the floor can end up wearing out, and the hairs start falling out from all the scratching and stress. But if we have confidence and the ability to move on, we can. When the wall fell down from hitting his head on it, the man was able to move on and gain his ground.

If you scratch your head so much that you become bald, put a hat on, forget about it, and move on. If you've lost your ground, gain your ground back. Sometimes we build walls around ourselves that we continually knock our heads against and there is no sense putting them up again if they've fallen down.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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