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Poem Paralyzed Her Lover

He cannot think,
he cannot move,
he cannot budge.

This must Stop!

The insanity,
it has gone,
gone too far!


Prickle him,
snap out of it!

He telephones love,
telling her to halt.

Innocently responds, she!
Explain? What must I?

Then telling her of difficult,
and difficulties.

I am paralyzed, darling!
Please stop this!
You don't know what,
you have done!

I cannot work, 
I cannot think,
I cannot move.
I am obsessed with you,
I am taken in,
and I have no way out.

Innocent voice she,
Pardon me, Lover!

Let me take you,
on a little path,
down in the valley.

I will show you,
for you, you,
are not paralyzed,
I can assure you!

He falls for her trap,
leaving all behind,
taking the day away.

They are walking!

See, you are not paralyzed, 
look at how you walk,
and stroll, and move,
in the valley! 

Lover, I am paralyzed,
while walking, 

So paralyzed,
can you not see?

Yes, I can, 
but I cannot see anything.
I can only see you.
I understand.

Taken away 
and never coming back,
he is frozen over her,
paralyzed for life.

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