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Poem Lead and Stone

Those ugly skinny faggots,
they play music,
they do drugs,
nasty baggots.

and those drunken faggots,
I don't care,
they make too much money,
but that music music, music.

they make me feel,
but prolly dead by now,
those drunken sexaholics.
but they make me real.

made of lead,
made of stone,
just won't change,
it's in our head.
Poem description: This is about two popular rock bands and how they influence us even if we do not beleive in their actions off stage. Many rock starts become substance abusers and overdose on alcohol and drugs. Us listeners become so thrilled with their music that we don't want to listen to anything else - hence why I mention that lead and stone is in our head (stubborness). The two bands that are in many people's head are rolling stones and led zeppelin. A bunch of musical genius who are drunken sexaholics who shouldn't make so much money but still play great rock music and deserve respect. A bunch of skinny, weak, ugly folks that are successful, whom I still respect even if I do not agree with their offstage substance abuse. The faggot reference has nothing to do with anyone being gay, but rather a slur against all musicians as a bunch of maggots, faggots, whatever you want to call them.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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