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Poem Laziness Cured Laziness

A man was too lazy,
to read a book.

He opened the book
but that was hard.
That took muscle.

He looked in the book,
that was harder.
Page 1
eyes sore!
close book.

He grabbed a pencil,
that was easy,
it was lighter.

He then wrote,
and wrote,
until finished,
his own book!

How could that man,
be so lazy!

A man was too lazy, to read sourceforge. He opened the files, the tars, the geezees, that was hard. Line1, too many var, too many const, eyes sore! close that file. He opened a new file, nothing there! Easy to read, real easy. He then programmed, and programmed, until finished, his own program! How could that man, be so lazy!

Poem description: sometimes man doesn't read any books because of laziness. He then goes on to write his own because he was too lazy to read one. Usually the typical lazy person doesn't write his own book or read any books - but some lazy people are so lazy that they end up curing their laziness from their own laziness.

It is very typical in programming for a programmer to sift through existing source code and find it interesting, but boring at the same time. He's too lazy to read existing source code, so he decides to write his own instead of reading and utilizing another person's source code.

For example if you found 10,000 lines of source code which someone else wrote that you could read through - and you knew it might do what you are looking for - well a non-lazy person would read through them and learn something - and would end up using the sources. A lazy person wouldn't read them and would just sleep or go to the fridge. But a really lazy man would not read the source, he would write his own instead - because he knows that if he is lazy enough, he will always cure his own laziness by proving his own laziness (by not using the existing source code he now has concrete proof that he is lazy, and he has cured his laziness by being lazy in a non-lazy way).

Many times I find a program or source file that is written to do the job - but I can't be bothered looking into the source base if there are more than 5 lines. So I write my own because I'm so lazy that I'm not. I'm sure you have come across this situation if you are really lazy. If you are just lazy, and not really lazy - you probably don't get much programming done. But if you are really lazy, you get a lot done by playing silly games with yourself to prove how lazy you are. "I was so lazy that I didn't even read the 50 line source file.. that was too much work.. I instead wrote my own file from scratch because the effort of writing something from scratch was actually easier than reading an existing working source base".

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