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Poem I Am The Movie

Let's go watch a movie.
Let's be the movie,

Watchers, readers, and sayers,
or doers, writers, and risk takers?

Make today,
and see tomorrow.

Forget that show,
skip that film.

You're the show,
you're the film.

You're in the concert,
or just the crowd?

You're in the game, 
or just the fan?
Go play, courageous!

Camera tape, 
or making live,
the lights and action. 

Paint the movie,
draw the film,
you are today.

You are the movie.
I am the movie.

Three two one, now.

Poem description:

I'm a go getter and I don't have any sympathy for those who:

  • read but never do what they read about
  • watch movies but never make their own life like a movie
  • talk about what they could do but instead watch TV
  • work at companies just for the sake of a salary to take home
"The face in the mirror won't stop." --Jim Morrison

Look at yourself in the mirror and visualize your life like a movie. Are you the character that does interesting activities? Or are you the person who people would get bored of quickly?

Do you go after what you read about, or do you just continue to read more and more without really actually doing anything you read about? Do you write anything yourself or do you just read other people's thoughts? Do you take action? Would your life even be interesting if someone was to film it? Do you picture yourself in an interesting painting? Can you paint a movie or film about yourself? Are you an employer, or an an employee? Do you follow, or do you lead?

When the face in the mirror stops, you will regret it.

Or will you?

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