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Poem I Am Caught

I am a spider,
caught in a spider web,
I cannot free myself.

For if I could escape,
I would build a web.

But why.

If I escape, 
I build another,
and he is caught.

He is caught,
or I am he. 

Poem description:

The above poem is not about the internet/web. It demonstrates how we go around in circles trying to trap others just to give birth to others who build traps to trap others. Whether it is through capitalism, communism, hunting, selling - we are all just out to trap each other.

The last part of the poem demonstrates that there is no way out.

Some people deny or ignore the fact that all animals, plants, and humans are placed on earth to trap and take something in order to live - there is no way to live without taking (a lot) from other living things.

The solution to this problem, even though I say there is no way out, is to take away items that do not matter as much, even if it is still taking. For example, eating a few eggs that are not going to hatch anyway, is still taking - but it isn't taking to the worst extent. In some of my poems I am a pessimist, but I like to explain the poems to offer more optimism.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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