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Poem Fail Then Try

If you're having,

If you feel,

Take a little try.

If you're,
try harder.

Take a big try.

If you try,

Try, Try, My.

If you're feeling down,
up fly try.

will you try,
take it on and,
oh you'll try.

Up, up up up,
make it move,
move, move move,
take that mind,
and try.

too long,
long try,
push it further,
take it,
take a try longer,
triple double try.

Take it a little further,
push it far,
don't tell him,
don't tell her,
surround your self with try,
try-ers and fly-ers.

Make it fly,
all night long,
take a day off of trying,
so that you can try,
on that day,
trying on the day,
on the day you took off trying,
or no fly.

Try, Try,
take that try,

Do you recall?
the Time,
and I said, 

I told you,
give it a try,
chance it,
take it,
if you have to,
and then fly.

But don't cry and cry,
cry and try.

There is no solution,
there is only one.
It's up to you, try-er.
You can Try, 
or You can Try.

Poem description: burn out. But there is no way out.. everyone must continue to push themselves to try and try and try. Trying is the burn out, constant burn out... it is just a matter of whether the burn out feels enjoyable enough to continue.

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